Dreaming back the Outcast - Singing Home the Wolf Sister

Dark Moon blessings to you all. We are preparing to move to our new nest in Kallista. Exciting and daunting (packing...). so I won't be here much this week. From 6th March I will be holding Black Swan Blessings - Past Life Lilith story healing to sing home the Wolf Sister and Wild Feminine. I feel drawn to hold this work particularly before we gather for Seven Sisters Festival - it can be so hard for the lone wolf, the outcast to join big groups and so if you feeling drawn to be with your sisters but are also feeling fear of entering the circle, of being vulnerable in a group, get in touch and I will be honoured to hold space to help you sing the Wolf Sister home. This year we are being asked to share our personal medicine together, in community - my wish is that you will be there in the circle with us. These sessions are also offered by Skype and phone for our Faraway Sisters, love, Julia

Return of the Medicine Women - encaustic 2014

Swan Blessing - Heretic or Wise Woman

The Heretic by Frank Craig, 1906

The Heretic by Frank Craig, 1906

HERETIC: dissident, dissenter, nonconformist, unorthodox thinker, freethinker, iconoclast, schismatic, renegade

Not all of our behaviours and patterns are created through conscious choices. Many behaviours begin early in our lives as re-actions to intense events and to understand the seed of these patterns and beliefs we may need to journey back to the time of the event to unlock and release their power over us. And sometimes that event did not happen in this lifetime but in a past lifetime, that of an ancestor or can even be a traumatic story held in the collective unconscious. There is much research being done right now on DNA and the passing on of ancestral trauma and wounds to future generations. Swan Blessing is work that I have been carrying out for the last 7 years with women and men all over the world to journey and access these soul stories by opening the gift of sight. In vision these stories can be seen again with their own eyes and most importantly there can then be a conscious release of the 'soul loss' and the energetic binding that can make us feel like this event just happened yesterday. When a vow or promise is made around these highly charged events and experiences it creates an even stronger hold over us and we can find that we are acting in ways that rationally make no sense and yet the feeling of the behaviour is familiar, entrenched and very hard to let go.

Another beautiful Swan Blessing story to share with you today from my session with client and colleague Bec Walker, death worker and healer at Wayfaring Bones. Thank you Bec for your sharing. As I read it, I felt the healing for us all again. With your telling you are helping so many who are feeling the bindings and very real fear of persecution of the wise woman again in our time. This Swan journey was empowering just for me to witness.

"I was in a small cottage in the woods, surrounded by small children , an elderly lady was crying as I  kissed them goodbye.  I knew they were coming for me. I knew I was a wise woman and they feared me. I actually felt at peace. I told the elderly woman it would be alright. I was quite young with beautiful long hair.
My next thought was to get away from cottage as I could see the torches in the distance.  I started running through the woods. They caught me about 500 meters from my cottage. My thought then was are my family are safe as I looked back towards the cottage? They had me on my knees with my head pulled back by my hair. I was surrounded by men and could feel the fear in their heart. I was taken under the cover of darkness. It was a lynch mob. A powerful man with the authority was behind the scenes. Orchestrating the outcome. I felt he was scared of my inner power.
The very next thing I saw was a vision of her standing on a pyre. It quite surreal as I stepped out as myself from the future to see my past self on the pyre. I could see a sea of what looked like Pilgrim hats, and a town square. She was searching frantically for someone or something in the faces before her; she knew this was going to happen. There was no hatred in her body, only sadness and compassion, for the people doing this to her. I watched as the tears streamed down my face.
I stepped forward and her eyes locked onto to mine. She smiled at me and said with her eyes:  ah good you are here! I have been waiting. My soul felt like it exploded in to a million pieces, it was such a deep and profound connection.Her words to me were: You are free, Have no fear. They cannot come for you in this lifetime. Your family are safe. Be true to your soul and path. With that she closed her eyes and tilted her head skywards. And whispered 'I am ready” to the Heavens. As they lit the pyre. I saw a bright white light come down from above. She was enfolded by light and I could see two beings beside her. The flames had only reached her feet. But she was already free.
Julia, I thank you for releasing my fear/binding, in this life as a healer/witch/ wise woman. I hadn’t realised that this fear of judgement and persecution had been holding me back. Also my intense dislike of authority makes sense. My past self had no fear; No anger, she accepted it, in perilous times of who she was.  Her message to me was the gift of Freedom, acceptance and walking the path of self truth. No more Hiding."
With Love, Bec 

I urge you all to experience the potent work of Bec Walker. For over 20 years Bec has worked as a nurse and in palliative care had many experiences of the divine crossing over of the soul. I am so happy to say that she is honouring her wise gifts and is now offering sessions of energetic and intuitive healing, grief and death work here in Melbourne in person and by Skype.


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Reincarnation of the Soul Group

Family in front of the family home in Merino, Victoria 1875
It is very common to be born into a lifetime with the same Soul Group of previous incarnations, often playing our very different roles and relationships. These groups can often be our biggest teachers. In both The Swan Blessing and Femmina Unbound Past Life sessions we sometimes need to understand and clear past life attachment to certain members. Often we need to release vows made to these members in the past so that we can love freely in this lifetime and make choices that serve us in the present.  
Below is the next section of the article we posted yesterday exploring the work of Dr Ian Stevenson discussing the many Soul Groups and attachments.

Principles of Reincarnation or How Reincarnation Works IISIS
Article by: Walter Semkiw, MD, from Born Again and Return of the Revolutionaries

From independently researched reincarnation cases, which in aggregate provide proof of life after death, the following principles are observed:

People appear to come into life in groups, based on shared karma and emotional attachments. Couples often come back together and entire family units can recur. When an individual reincarnates, other members of that person’s karmic group will be present. Identifying members of the person’s karmic group is another important criterion in establishing a past-life match.

Ian Stevenson did a very important twin study in which the past lives of 31 sets of twins (62 people) were factually validated. In 100 percent of these cases, the twins had significant past life relationships. The most common type of past life relationship was that of siblings, followed by friendships, other family relationships, then being spouses in the past incarnation.

Past Life Relationships of Twins

Siblings: 35%

Friends: 29%

Other family relationships: 19%

Spouses: 16%

Stevenson's twin study represents hard evidence that souls plan lifetimes to be reunited with loved ones through reincarnation. Two cases featured in this study involve the reincarnation cases of a set of Burmese twins, which also demonstrate physical resemblance from one incarnation to another. Image comparisons of these Burmese twins, who were sisters in their past incarnations, are provided above. Phyu reincarnated as San and Saipai reincarnated as her twin, Nyunt.

How do we connect with our karmic groups? The answer, it appears, is destiny. In analyzing past-life cases, it is observed that we all have a predetermined destiny or life itinerary which brings us to the people we are supposed to spend time with.

To better understand how destiny works, let us use the analogy of a journey. Think of your life as an extended vacation that you plan in advance. You decide who you want and need to see, where you want to go, and what activities you would like to participate in.

You coordinate your itinerary with the people you are to rendezvous with. You, your karmic friends, and loved ones all agree to the plan before you are born. Once you come into life, destiny ensures that you meet up with your karmic soul group.

The settings for karmic affiliations can be our families, work life and recreational pursuits. These settings are stages on which we play out the karmic dramas of our lives. This casts a new light on Shakespeare’s phrase, “All of life is but a stage.”

We meet up with different karmic groups at different points in life. When we get the urge to take a new job, travel to a new city, or take up a new recreational pursuit, many times this is a part of our destiny being played out. New venues bring us to karmic groups we need to be with.

Reincarnation and the Face of the Soul

Maude Fealy
Sometimes as I am journeying with clients into the past lives in The Swan Blessing I see their features become sharper, softer, hair lengthens and it if a hologram of the past life self settles over their face. I often see the symmetry and similarities in the past and present faces and have been reading tonight how this had been documented.  I have included part of the article below. The most beautiful moment of The Swan Blessing is when the nobility of the Soul shines through the physical features of the face, it looks ancient and timeless and moves me almost to tears.

Before the World Was Made

If I make the lashes dark
And the eyes more bright
And the lips more scarlet,
Or ask if all be right
From mirror after mirror,
No vanity's displayed:
I'm looking for the face I had
Before the world was made...

Principles of Reincarnation or How Reincarnation Works IISIS
Article by: Walter Semkiw, MD, from Born Again and Return of the Revolutionaries

From independently researched reincarnation cases, which in aggregate provide proof of life after death, the following principles are observed:

Physical Resemblance in Reincarnation Cases

Facial architecture, the shape and proportions of the face, can be consistent from lifetime to lifetime. For men, facial hair, such as beards and mustaches, can be maintained from one incarnation to another. Physical habits, such as postures and hand gestures, can also be consistent from lifetime to lifetime. Even poses struck in portraits and photographs are often uncannily similar from one lifetime to another.

Ian Stevenson, M.D., who died in 2007, was a psychiatrist at the University of Virginia. Over his career, Stevenson compiled and studied approximately 3000 cases involving children who spontaneously remembered past lives in detail. Dr. Stevenson traveled to the scenes of the contemporary and past lifetimes to interview witnesses to assess details provided in these past-life accounts. In about 1000 of these cases, the past lives of these children could be factually validated.

Two key Ian Stevenson cases with image comparisons, which show that facial features can remain the same from one lifetime to another, are those of Suzanne Ghanem and Daniel Jurdi.

Consistent facial features across lifetimes are also observed in many other Ian Stevenson cases, as well as in other independently researched reincarnation cases

For example, the powerful reincarnation case of James Huston, Jr. | James Leininger, as well as the John B. Gordon | Jeff Keene reincarnation case, also dramatically demonstrate how facial features can remain the same across incarnations.

Body types can be consistent from lifetime to lifetime, though the size of the body can vary. An individual can have a slight physique in one lifetime and a powerful one in the next. One can be short in one incarnation and tall in another, though facial features, postures and gestures, appear to remain the same.

The Soul's Energy Template or Hologram

How can physical appearance remain the same from one lifetime to another? The answer to this question is unknown, but I hypothesize that the soul projects an energy template or hologram into the developing fetus, which tissue is shape around.

The principle is similar to how orthopedic surgeons use electrical current to shape bone in severe fractures. This energy structure not only helps create physical appearance, but it also can be used to download information and talent into the developing body and mind, which can explain child prodigies.

Of course genetics does play a part and it is the interaction of the soul's energy template with one's genetic inheritance which results in appearance. An individual who incarnates into a different race will have physical features that are consistent with that race, though proportions of the face, the bone structure, will still be consistent from one incarnation to another. Family resemblances also occur due to genetics. The soul's energy template interacts with racial and genetic factors to produce one's appearance.