Queen Elizabeth I

Creating New Relationships with the Dark Goddess

For some, it's been pretty hard-going for the last month, ever since the time of the Spring Equinox (23rd September). We are in a time of releasing old patterns and gaining new insights - particularly about our relationships (to others and to ourselves). Last night's Full Moon in Aries was the second Aries Moon and because of this, the energy was amplified. It's very unusual to have two full moons in the same sign consecutively. The Fire of Aries combined with being in the sign of Scorpio (Water) can often bring up feelings of anger, fear or melancholy. These 'shadow' emotions tie in with this time of the Dark Goddess as Venus is in retrograde until 19th November - so hang in there! I love that Queen Elizabeth I wore the emblem of the Phoenix over her Solar Plexus. The Phoenix is a totem associated with the sign of Scorpio representing rebirth and emerging triumphant from the flames of dark times.

Instead of fighting the Shadow or Dark Goddess within ourselves, try to embrace this time of change as an opportunity for growth and liberation. I find the Goddess Medusa to be particularly good to work with feelings of anger and frustration. And what is the Goddess Venus trying to tell you about the relationships or lack of relationships in your life? What relationship patterns are you noticing at this full moon? Create a list of relationship experiences that you can now take responsibility for (well at least half, hey?!) and then say goodbye to them and thank them for all that they have taught you. Now you are ready to create a wish list for the kind of relationships you are getting ready to embrace! Go for it, don't hold back.

For those of you who are still feeling ties to old partners or behaviours and need to cut energy ties to the past, you can EMAIL ME  to receive an exercise to consciously release yourself from etheric and energy ties.

The energy of the full moon will still be strong tonight so use this time to consciously create change and manifest the joy and abundance you truly deserve.