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Patricia Ariel - 78 Tarot


If you've seen our posters and flyers, most of them feature the artwork of our dear sister, Patricia Ariel. Patty and I became friends many years ago and I can't even remember how or why but I have a feeling that the tarot may have had something to do with it. I would say it is because the tarot is so intrinsic to both our paths that we were already speaking a similar language. And so it is wonderful news to hear that Patricia has been asked to contribute to a new deck called 78 Tarot - not just because she is such a talented and visionary artist but because she is a tarot medicine woman.

Many of us have been students of the tarot for years and years and guess what? We will always remain a student of tarot. It is a mesmerising and never-ending mystery - thank goodness. We can never know it all. I love that tarot keeps us all on an even playing field and yet hands us keys and secrets that are always so personal and true. I have recently been called back again to teach tarot after almost 2 years break but in this time I have always kept reading for myself everyday. I have found that when I have a break from reading for others it is usually to learn more about myself and then to apply this again. Perhaps it's a time for another veil to fall reveal the next veil and yet another.

I can't wait to see how Patricia and the rest of the artists of 78 Tarot interpret this beautiful and magical craft. Here is a little of Patricia's interview about drawing from the tarot. You can read the full interview and learn more about this new deck at

I am fairly familiar with the tarot, although I am always learning something new. The tarot is an essential part of my spiritual path and a connection to other symbolic languages and traditions which I also learn from. It concentrates knowledge in many different levels, and being also an “art”, in the sense that its interpretation will depend on the view of a particular reader, it has a very intimate connection with the realm of symbols that generates art as creation. My art in itself is full of “bits” of the tarot symbolism so drawing an actual tarot card feels just natural.
The Eight of Cups speaks of one of the recurrent themes in my artwork, which is transformation and renewal. It is about leaving a situation you’ve been emotionally tied and accommodated to for a long time, but that has represented only stagnation. And then you finally recognize that situation as being harmful to your evolution and decides to do something to change that. Personally I don’t have a lot of difficulty getting rid of situations of discomfort, even if they are tied to other kinds of gain, so by working on this card I hope to understand better what this struggle represents. Read more

Tarot of a WaterWitch - Tarot Workshop in the Forest at New Moon on Friday 30th May. (details) The focus in this tarot workshop will be on recognising the Seer in our own Ancestral Medicine. Breaking through old beliefs and negative thinking to create new pathways of change for ourselves and our loved ones. We are the new Keepers of the Tarot - sharing the keys with love and compassion.

Animal Spirits: Patricia Ariel

Animal Spirits: Deer
Patricia Ariel 

 Our dear sister Patricia Ariel has been creating these beautiful Animal Spirit paintings over the last month. Patricia has created so many of the artworks you see in our healing space and in our Swan Blessing including our mandala. She is available for commission work and you can see more of her beauty here. You can see the full series of Animal Spirits and what she still has for sale at her StorEnvy site too. Love you Patty! You always inspire me xx

Animal Spirits: Hummingbird  
Animal Spirits: Cat 
Animal Spirits: Dragonfly
Animal Spirits: Crow

Changing Woman Project by Patricia Ariel

Patricia Ariel is an artist close to our hearts. She is a dear sister to us and is the creator of the Swan and Her Lady illustration you see in our emblem for Swan Blessing. For me, Patricia is someone who can draw and paint visions that speak straight to my heart, images that are in my dreams but hard to describe. Over the years I have loved seeing her create the mysterious visions that I have been feeling - almost simultaneously - and this is why so much of her art graces the room we hold Swan Blessing in - I believe art helps us to open immediately to the mystery and to the dreaming within.

Patricia inspires me so much, she recently conceived the Changing Woman project to raise awareness about women's issues and rights through the expression of art. Here she is talking about the project and her dreams for it - I love to hear her beautiful voice and I hope she inspires you to become a part of this wonderful project. 
You will see so many stunning artworks on the Changing Woman site and here are a just a few to wet your appetite. Go Patricia!

Reveal by Patricia Ariel

Reveal - for Changing Woman Project by Patricia Ariel

Original artwork: Reveal by Patricia Ariel
This beautiful treasure is being auctioned online right now right here (bidding ends Friday 3rd May) by my favourite artist and dear sister, Patricia Ariel to raise money for her inspiring 'Changing Woman Project' - bidding has just started - good luck!
Changing Woman Project

The Changing Woman project was conceived by artist Patricia Ariel and is focused on raising awareness about woman’s issues and rights, as well as promoting women’s empowerment through examples from real life.

The project’s goal is to create twenty-one art portraits of women with stories to tell about how being a woman in the current model of society has impacted their lives. Stories of trauma, abuse, neglect, struggle, and how they fought and thrived, being transformed by the hands of the artist in models of support and encouragement for other women under similar circumstances.

The project is being launched on the Indie GoGo crowdfunding platform in order to raise funds to make it viable and give to it a bigger and more embracing dimension. The goal is to put together an art show, a “behind the scenes” video for the internet, an art book, and to produce limited edition art prints which sales (along with the books) will support an organization for the protection of women.

The site was created to feature all the twenty-one works created for the project, along with their creative process. It will also feature works of artists all over the world on the theme on women empowerment and women’s rights.