New Moon

New Moon Gift - Karmic Crossroads Tarot Spread

I would love to gift this New Moon spread to all who come to visit us here on our web-nest. This spread was birthed over the Dark Moon and New Moon in Gemini last week. It helped me so much in my decision making and this is my actual reading above. We held a Tarot sharing circle in the forest on friday night and we witnessed some beautiful transformations taking place as the readers worked their magic both in finding new pathways and helping others find theirs too. The Tarot deck I have used in this spread is the Gaian Tarot created by Joanna Powell Colbert a deck that is full of hope and earth wisdom.
With the clarity and wisdom I gain from reading Tarot for myself I can make conscious changes that help to weave and create a life that nourishes my heart and spirit and hopefully those around me. My wish is that this spread helps you to do the same. Please feel free to share this spread with friends and loved ones by directing them back to us here at the source.
From the Forest Dreaming, love Julia and Tony and Fox.

New Moon Stasis

Sherbrooke Forest 

Sometimes we have a lot of expectation of the New Moon. It's as if we think it will suddenly transform us and our world in one magical moment. But of course that's just us being human and wanting transformation to always come easy and quickly. I was waiting for that kind of change this morning with the Gemini New Moon and when it didn't happen I was perplexed. I've been in a low mood during the recent Dark Moon and I kept getting the same message over and over - to make no move - not that I would listen! Instead of just surrendering, relaxing and doing nothing, just like my daily readings with the Tarot kept advising me, I kept pushing and striving - trying to make change happen. Why do we find it so hard to do nothing? Or why do we think nothing is happening just because it doesn't look like it is or because we can't see it with our eyes. I decided to go for a walk in the forest to shake off the heaviness and today the trees were shrouded completely in mist. I couldn't see very far ahead at all. And the whole forest was absolutely silent under the mist and yet I was acutely aware of the Life that filled the forest. The air was thick with life and it was moving silently all around me. I was reminded of how we are standing on the brink of Winter and how much the trees and animals slow down in this time to preserve energy and hibernate.


I've decided to take a deeper look into decision making and how we can become more accepting in times of quiet and stasis in our lives in our Tarot workshop, Tarot of a WaterWitch, tomorrow night. I'm eager to remember the art of doing nothing!  Yesterday I created a spread to help in times of hard decision making, a spread that we can use when there are a several of paths or choices to take. These times often feel like we are standing at the centre of some divine crossroads.  And usually this is where we can get very blocked and afraid of taking the next step - as if there is ever really a wrong or right step to take. Yesterday I included a new path choice into the Tarot spread. It is the choice to 'do nothing'. I'm interested to see what happens when this choice comes up for the readers tomorrow. I will share the ins and outs of this spread to subscribers on Saturday - so if you would like to receive it, you can add your email address to the Subscriber box in the top right hand corner or email me at

The photo below is of the New Moon Crossroads Spread and in this photo you will see a curly-topped bell sitting beside the spread. This bell was created by a beautiful sister Sadie, as a trade for a medicine doll for her mother. Sadie created the magical saggar fired bell to help find what is lost - not necessarily objects. It was fired with seaweed, mango leaves and sawdust from a camphor laurel tree. I placed it beside my own Tarot reading to understand and find my sense of nothingness or no-time. I know what this feels like and I'm looking forward to remembering how to step back into no-time again.

And the photo below of the 2 black swans is for anyone feeling that they are riding difficult and deep waves tonight. Neptune is such a strong influence at the moment and is really affecting us water-beings. These 2 creature-teachers look so calm and still and yet on the day I took this photo near our old home in Williamstown, they were swimming in the middle of a raging storm.

Love to you all, however you find yourself tonight, it's all ok. Make a New Moon wish and set it free x

Saggar fired bell by Sadie Jean Tansey
New Moon Crossroads Spread with Gaian Tarot
Gaian Tarot - Four of Water: Time to fill your own well
Gaian Tarot - The Tree (Hanged Man) Letting Go

Creature-Teachers: Black Swans - calm in the storm

Moon Horse Spirit Doll Winner!

And the winner of the Moon Horse Spirit Doll is Emma Rochester! Thank you to everyone who entered and booked a Tarot reading last month. It was an exciting step over the threshold with you all. I loved discovering your gifts and teachings of last year and hearing all about your new dreams for 2014 - I hope we created pathways to help to make them REAL for you this year. Keep riding into the Sun dear Dreamers.

Emma Rochester is an amazing textile artistan and in her reading she shared with me that she had just completed a book that was 10 years in the making. So deserved! Moon Horse will be galloping to you this week Emma x

New Moon feathers of Rosella wings around her heart and Kookaburra (tigresse) smudging feather

Weavers are you Ready?

Spider Woman by Susan Seddon Boulet
Goddess Knowledge Cards

Grandmother Spider,
weave your gossamer threads
around this spinning planet.
Reconnect us to
the web of life,
to our place in the cosmos.
Remind us of our interdependence
on the earth
and its ever living
and non-living thing.
Let one perfect dewdrop fall
to coat the morning.

Weave your web
artfully through our hearts,
so that we become caught up
in earth's beauty
and wish to do nothing
to mar its perfection.

Raven is casting a black eye
upon the clouds and cacophony
of war.
Mother Earth is weeping
at our lack of unity.
But wait!
Coyote is singing you
his weaving song.
Come! Quickly!
wrap us in silken threads
of planetary

It is now at the exact point of the New Moon on this New Year's Day and I am praying for Peace. For many of us 2013 was a year of diving into the depths of shadow to shed years and lifetimes of painful conditioning. If this has been your way over the last 18 months - well done. We are more than ready now to become the Weavers, to be committed to purpose and find ways to be active in service to the Earth and her Children.
Some are calling this New Moon a Super Moon and yes, I feel it's strong Mars ruled charge. I choose to use this charge as a positive - the way of the Peaceful Warrior. Together we can weave so much more beauty in the world when are coming from a place of peace within ourselves. And so that is my wish for you also, that you can find the peace within so that you can be an active channel for change and growth out in the world. 
The story of Spider Woman - the Navajo Weaving Creation Goddess came to me tonight and I began to think about the strong rainbow movement of weavers and crafters in the world. Tonight I would like to honour the Aboriginal weavers of Australia, my heart fills to see the reclaiming of this ancestral medicine again. My wish is that in 2014 the Indigenous and Aboriginal people of all lands receive the respect and honour they are due and that all of us can bring our skills and medicine into one weaving that sees all of our communities rise up. 
And so we begin...

New Moon today - Thumbs Up for Rock and Roll!

I love this little boy - yep! Thumbs up for Rock and Roll on this beautiful morning of the last of the eclipses - welcome to your New Moon. I hope that you all begin to benefit from this more expansive and flowing energy very soon.
Today we are launching our new Shamanic Tarot Course: The Golden Temple opening at the Spring Equinox in September. This course is the 3rd & final wheel of the Tarot Mysteries and is open to anyone who has completed The Path Within. This course is half-full already and we are only taking 10 students so please let me know as soon as you can if you wish to join us. The Golden Temple will be taught by both Tony and I as we develop strong and clear connection to our Animal Totems & Spirit Guides, journey with our Animal Totems on the Drum, develop psychic protection and grounding before learning to channel direct messages from Spirit. We are so very excited to be offering this new course that brings the Tarot Mysteries and Shamanic journeying together.
There are also a couple of places left in each of these new circles:

New Moon wishes to you all,
Julia & Tony

Rising from the Deep...

I hope many of you gained new intuitive insights and flashes of bright clarity from the New Moon in Pisces. When we can honour our emotions and stay on the journey into the deep, we conquer or even merely come to terms with our fears and this immediately give us new strength and purpose to make the changes that we need in our lives. This is the gold waiting for us at the end of our quest. Stepping out of the Dark Moon and into the light of the new day I imagine we would be wearing our new wisdom like a cloak of raven feathers - perhaps a gift from An Cailleach the wise divine crone goddess and creatrix of Scottish and Irish mythology who is particularly potent to meditate with at the Dark Moon. In some tales, An Cailleach is born old and grows younger with every year. Are you ready to step into the gold that awaits us when we rise up from the Deep? Ready to grow young again?

I love these photos of Ursula Andress from the Hammer horror film, 'She', made in the sixties. In ancient Egypt the colour Black symbolised: Death, Night, Rebirth and Gold represented The Sun, Eternal Life and the quality of being Imperishable.

Ursula Andress, 'She' 1965

Artemis Rising on the New Moon in Scorpio

"Lady of Ephesus', Artemis
“I have set eyes on the wall of lofty Babylon on which is a road for chariots, and the statue of Zeus by the Alpheus, and the hanging gardens, and the colossus of the Sun, and the huge labour of the high pyramids, and the vast tomb of Mausolus; but when I saw the house of Artemis that mounted to the clouds, those other marvels lost their brilliancy, and I said, ‘Lo, apart from Olympus, the Sun never looked on aught so grand.”

Antipater, Greek Anthology (IX.58)
Today is the birth of the new moon and yes, it's in Scorpio! So more deep insights still to come but if you feel you have been through all the soul-searching you can handle in the last month, take faith in the energy of the New Moon today to help you to plant the seed of new wishes and dreams. We are also going to experience a welcome reprieve as Venus (whilst still in retrograde) moves into the more flowing sign of Libra from 8th to 30th November. The Goddess I feel around us at this time of deep introspection is Artemis. She is coming in to help us gain focus and clarity and to understand the true meaning of freedom. When Venus finishes her work as the Dark Goddess in December, will you be ready to embrace freedom? In Greek mythology the goddess Artemis was represented as the huntress, a symbol of the natural world, and the goddess of childbirth, children and young women. She can be both beautiful and dangerous - just like nature. I have often called upon the wisdom of Artemis to help free myself of old patterns or to embrace new challenges. As the goddess of freedom and independence she is also a courageous energy to call upon to first create a healthy relationship with your own self-worth so that you can go on to develop respectful and honest relationships with others. Artemis will also help us with clarity and focus - focus on what it is you truly desire and release the arrow. Now keep moving forward just like that arrow and trust that the universe will provide you with exactly what you need. 
To plant the energy of the New Moon tonight, this is a simple Tarot spread (you may also use any oracle cards) to not only show you where you may need to focus attention but also to check in on the sacred balance of the 5 elements needed to create harmonious growth:
The Gifts of Artemis New Moon Spread

1. Air - East - New ideas, memories, cutting ties. How can I best embrace the element of Air at this New Moon?
2. Fire - South - Passion, courage, intuition. How can I best embrace the element of Fire at this New Moon? 
3. Water - West - Healing, relationships, creativity. How can I best embrace the element of Water at this New Moon?
4. Earth - North - Caring for the body & environment, finances, grounding. How can I best embrace the element of Earth at this New Moon?
5. Spirit - Centre - What is the message from Spirit at this New Moon?