Melbourne Meditation

to the waters and the wild...

We'd love to see you in the circle at Spring Equinox to help us raise money for the gorgeous koalas at the Southern Ash Wildlife Fund. Please bring along a small bottle or jar to take home your very own healing water and a small strip of cloth or ribbon to create your 'clootie' (wish or prayer ribbon).

Waterfalls of abundance to you all,

Julia and Tony

Winter Solstice Animal Totems Meditation Night for the Koalas at the Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter

Hello Tribe!

I am so happy to invite you all to an open meditation circle focussing on discovering your Totem Animals on the evening of the Winter Solstice, Wednesday 22nd June at Williamstown Community Centre. In this meditation circle you will learn to journey with your Animal Allies and Totems, and understand more about why these sacred creatures have chosen to walk your path with you.

We are dedicating this Winter Solstice Circle to the beautiful Koala. Koala is an Animal Totem that teaches us to relax deeply, and to develop visioning and inner-journeying to find the answers that we need to help us on our path. All of the proceeds from this evening are going to the wonderful Colleen Wood and her team of dedicated volunteers & wildlife carers, who spend endless hours caring for our precious wildlife at the Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter in Gippsland, Victoria. Colleen was the person who cared for 'Sam the koala' after the terrible bushfires of 2009 - you can read more of Colleen's journey with Sam and the amazing work she does on the shelter's website:

Colleen and Sam at the Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter

The shelter is run completely on a volunteer basis, with no funding from the government. Unfortunately the Koala's habitat is being greatly threatened by bushfires, growing urbanisation, and heavier vehicle traffic moving through the Koala's ancient trackways. Colleen's dream is to raise $200,000 to purchase land to establish a much-needed Rehabilitation Centre and Burns Hospital.

At this time of the ancient festival of Winter Solstice, our 'Yule' in the Southern Hemisphere we invite you to connect to your Animal Guardians, learn more about your own Natural Wild Spirit and to help SAVE THE KOALAS!! Please feel free to invite your friends to this open Winter Solstice Circle, places are limited so please let me know as soon as you can.

Warmest Wishes for the approaching Winter,

Julia and Tony

Full Moon Women's Circle - Beyond the Ninth Wave

Hello Sisters,

I am so happy to invite you to a women's circle dedicated to the Otherworlds of the Celtic Goddess on the night of the Full Moon, Wednesday 18th May at Williamstown Community Centre.  In this Full Moon circle we will be exploring the world beyond the Ninth Wave through Meditation, Energy Healing and Oracle Reading.

The cost of this circle is $25 and you will need to bring a flower of your choosing, a small crystal or stone and your favourite oracle cards (if you don't have any don't worry as I will be bringing many decks on the night). You will also need to bring a yoga mat or cushion to sit on as we will be working on the floor.

Please feel free to invite your friends and sisters to this open Full Moon Circle, places are limited though so please let me know as soon as you can if you wish to join us in the land beyond the Ninth Wave, 

Warm Wishes,