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Hello 2012 - we are ready

Hello Everyone,

I'm already so excited about this year, are you ready to paint and create and make art of your life? The planet Neptune will  take up residence in it's natural home, the sign of Pisces from 4th February for the next 14 years - a time to embrace our true selves and FEEL. This Neptunian energy is going to be HUGE for artists, musicians and all round crafty and creative people. That means you!

'Stars Shower Her', encaustic art Julia Inglis 2011

I truly believe we are all artists and naturally intuitive beings. I hope that this is the year that you open the door to full flow of creativity, intuition and a heart full of love for our plant and animal friends. Mother Nature needs our love and attention  and this is the year to bring about massive change in the way that we view our animal companions and the earth we live on, in, from.  I know these changing times are not a smooth ride but the more we can be present and open and passionate in our choices, the more we will have access to freedom, authentic relationships and a deep understanding of our own natural rhythms and the rhythms of our nature.

I welcome you all to join us this year in consultations and classes exploring creativity and spirit such as: Encaustic Art, Writing & Photography, Mythology & Symbology, Creating Our Own Oracle Decks, and new work combining Tarot & Astrology: Welcoming Home the Outcasts - Chiron the Wounded Healer and Black Moon Lilith. Some of these classes have already been listed and you can read more here.

So let's begin this incredible quest that is 2012 together. Are you ready...let's go! xxx