May Queen

Beltane Blessings of Fire!

Tonight in the Southern Hemisphere we celebrate the ancient festival of Beltane - a faerie festival of fire, passion and fertility and a time to connect with the Otherworld. Whether you are celebrating with friends, your beloved or alone, create your own personal ritual to explore your connection to the earth's fertile spring energy. It can be as simple as lighting a candle with the intention of allowing more fun and excitement to enter your life. Or you may have a new creation waiting to birth, bless your creations tonight and allow yourself to remember that you are more than flesh and blood - you are a being of Spirit and there is so much assistance and love for you in the Otherworld.
This beautiful Spring Festival is a time of planting seeds for the Summer months ahead. What do you wish to see fruiting in the next 6 months? We are all being asked to shed the old in this changing year of 2012. Innovate and create the new you. At Beltane the Faery Queen makes love with the Green Man - the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine - the fertility that is created with the marriage of the magic and earthly realms.
I will always remember the sight of the May Queen at Edinburgh at the Beltane Fire Festival many years ago. She reminded me of how close we are to the magical realms. I watched her like a child in wonder. I had been through a time where I had forgotten to let my feet dance, my voice sing and that my own body was the best artist's canvas. She reminded me of the power of Sacred Play. Tonight let yourself be close to magic again. Decorate, dance, feast, make love, sing your life back into a bright flame!
Beltane Fire Festival Edinburgh