Lisa Mitchell

Spiral of Women's Medicine in the Magdalene Laundry

At the centre - sculptures by Lucy Pierce
Photos by Kylie 'Ma Bower'

On sunday, the first day of Spring I sat in a medicine circle with sisters from all over Australia who had been called to come and assist the spirits of the women and children of the Magdalene Laundries at Abbotsford Convent here in Melbourne. It was a day I will never forget, a day when we saw right in front of our eyes, the power and healing magic of Women's Medicine.

I believe this is the new way for the Medicine Women. This new medicine way is not concerned with complicated ritual, hierarchy and authority outside of our spirit. Instead, we simply asked for permission. Permission from the Aboriginal ancestors of the land, permission from the Magdalenes themselves and permission from the Grandmothers who we were there to assist the young girls and children home. The new medicine way is actually the ancient medicine way of lovingly bringing intention, focus and simple action to what is in need of love and change. These simple and small drops of love from each of the medicine women given without ego flowed into the large blessing bowl that our gathering created. And this blessing bowl, created by the flesh of our own bodies as we sat in circle became filled with water, a pool of love stronger than any memory of history or binding beliefs.  
There were so many radiant moments on this day but I will never forget the gift of song from all my sisters and the songs that were channeled and gifted especially for this day by Lisa Mitchell and Kaggi Valentine. Lisa opened the circle with her song 'Thank You for Being Here' and I felt it created an opening of all of our hearts - a reminder that we are all innocent and tender at the heart. Kaggi brought the fire into our opened hearts as we stepped into the cold cement building of the actual Magdalene Laundry. And in this space of such previous pain, imprisonment and enforced silence a spontaneous chant began to burst forward leading to drumming and dancing, loud singing. We danced our own freedom dance for the Magdalenes, we sang for the silenced ones, we brought our fire to light that dark place. Here Kaggi began her chant received for the Magdalenes from the ancient women who came from a time way before the distorted beliefs and restrictions that bind the Sacred Feminine in our world now.
Ancient shadows of women spiraling
through the coils of time,
we are part of those women spiraling...
with the song of the land,
and the dance of the moon inside.
Chant received and sung by Kaggi Valentine 
Singing this chant, we proceeded to move down through the convent grounds, we drummed and singing out loud to honour the memory of the Magdelenes publicly to let them know that they did not belong in the shadow and to sing for them in the open sunshine. This beautiful line of singing medicine women snaked through the gardens and the weekend visitors to move through the trees and down to the Yarra River. At this ancient water source, we began our final work of the day - calling from the convent buildings and surroundings any spirits who had stayed too long, who were afraid, who had been forgotten. We called them down to the River, down to the Water, to be embraced by the Grandmothers and guided Home. 
My deepest thanks and gratitude to all of the women who joined us both in body and spirit at this collective healing. What did we do? We did our best. My heart is full to see your radiant return Wise Medicine WOmen.

For all of our sisters living in Queensland I will be opening a new Femmina Unbound dreaming circle for the return of the Medicine WOmen beside the sacred springs of Grail Haven on Mt Tamborine on Saturday 12th October.

Femmina Unbound - Return of the Medicine Women on Mt Tamborine QLD

Lisa Mitchell gifting her song 

'Going Home' by sculptor, Pauline Clayton outside the convent gates
"A tribute to the young women and children/ who have made epic journeys/ to return to home and country."

Thank you Lisa - Medicine Tongue Mellifluous One

We were assisted by so many beautiful medicine women at Femmina Unbound at the Abbotsford Convent yesterday and one of them was our dear sister, singer and artist, Lisa Mitchell. Lisa, Tony and I have been dreaming this day in together and spoken about how best to help heal the women and children of the Magdalene Laundries. In the months leading up to Femmina Unbound Lisa has been living close to the Earth and began to channel the most amazing and soulful songs and she shared her gift on Sunday as an offering to the spirits of these young women and to the sacred Earth. Here she is in an earlier recording singing in the Abbotsford Convent.

Thank you for your precious gift sister Medicine Tongue Mellifluous One, your voice of honey-flow healed and assisted so many of the women at the convent - both in body and in spirit xxx