Lilith Astrology

Dreaming back the Outcast - Singing Home the Wolf Sister

Dark Moon blessings to you all. We are preparing to move to our new nest in Kallista. Exciting and daunting (packing...). so I won't be here much this week. From 6th March I will be holding Black Swan Blessings - Past Life Lilith story healing to sing home the Wolf Sister and Wild Feminine. I feel drawn to hold this work particularly before we gather for Seven Sisters Festival - it can be so hard for the lone wolf, the outcast to join big groups and so if you feeling drawn to be with your sisters but are also feeling fear of entering the circle, of being vulnerable in a group, get in touch and I will be honoured to hold space to help you sing the Wolf Sister home. This year we are being asked to share our personal medicine together, in community - my wish is that you will be there in the circle with us. These sessions are also offered by Skype and phone for our Faraway Sisters, love, Julia

Return of the Medicine Women - encaustic 2014