Kye Crow

Feathered Blessings

The peach coloured feathers you see above were sent to me this week from our friend and animal communicator, Kye Wunjo Crow from her Camel Sanctuary in NSW - Major Mitchell Cockatoo feathers. I have only ever seen photographs of these beautiful birds, they are not visitors to Sherbrooke Forest. As I was opening Kye's package, I looked down and to my right I saw a flash of yellow. It was a feather from a the comb of a White Cockatoo - a beautiful quiff! Another feather I have never found before now. Rare and beautiful treasures waiting for the right medicine doll.

The package from Kye also contained a beautiful rainbow wrap hand-dyed and created by Kye. Have a look at the rest of her rainbow treasures here. Blessings and graceful journeys Kye x