Kate Challis Award

Mabel Juli and her Moon Dreaming

The winner for the Kate Chaillis RAKA Award 2013, Mabel Juli.
Mabel Juli with her painting Garnkeny Ngarranggarni (Moon Dreaming)  Photo Eddi Jim
I have been swimming deep in the mysteries of Lilith this past month especially after the ceremony we held at the Magdalene Laundries. And so many sisters have been coming to me to journey to their own past life Lilith stories and wound to clear and release the bindings from it.  Lilith as been showing her face to me everywhere I turn.
And I saw her here too in Australia when I was drawn to the Dreamtime painting Moon Dreaming by Aboriginal artist, Mabel Juli. Mabel's painting recently won the Kate Challis RAKA Award and is part of the current exhibition: Under the Sun showing in Melbourne at the Ian Potter Museum of Art. 
I have been fascinated by this beautiful painting, so minimal and yet so potent. I see such a similarity to the astrological symbol of Black Moon Lilith. Even the Dreamtime story has many Lilith undertones and themes:
''The moon as a man went hunting kangaroo, and left his wife and mother-in-law at home in the camp. When he came back he saw a woman with her long hair hanging down. It was the mother-in-law and he wanted to marry her; he didn't want his wife any more.''

The people of the camp told him to leave and to take his ''right-way wife''. As he walked, the moon turned and cursed them, telling them they would die, while he would return each month.' Mabel Juli

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