Jimi Hendrix

Neptune is Home

Welcome Home! At 6.05am this morning the planet Neptune the ruler of spirituality, mysticisim, imagination and dreams returned to it's home in the sign of Pisces and will stay there for 13 years. To celebrate I could think of nothing better than sharing the underwater photography of Zena Holloway & of course, Jimi Hendrix and his wildly prophetic, Valleys of Neptune. Lovers of music, art, mysticism...are you ready for the wave? Let's dive in!  

Jimi Hendrix & the Valleys of Neptune

I'm writing about Jimi Hendrix today for the Autumn Equinox newsletter. His album Valleys of Neptune was only released last year - 40 years after he created it and it is so ahead of its time and so very in touch with where we are right now. Keep rising Jimi!

Jimi Hendrix by Mark Ryden

(these lyrics are strangely prophetic for our time - are the 3 ancient continents Lemuria, Atlantis & Avalon?)

Lord I feel the ocean swaying me
washing away all my pain
See where I used to be wounded?
Remember the scar?
Now you can't see a thing
And I don't feel no pain... Oh No

Singing about the Valleys of Sunrise
Green and Blue, Canyons too
I'm singing about Atlantis Love songs
Valley of Neptune is Rising

Mercury Liquid, Emerald shining
God showing me where I came from baby
Honey Sun, Turquoise Bed He lays in
On the burning edge horizon.

I'm sailing on a bluebird's mission
Bubbles and curls and tiptoes in the foam
See the wind make love to all the ocean
Tidal wave spread the message home
And the message got home

I'm singing about Atlantis Love Songs
See the moon trip, farther amd farther, hang on
Sing about the Valleys of Home
Valley of Neptune is Rising, Rising
Rise on baby, rise on

Look out East Coast, you're gonna have a neighbor
A rebirth land and home of a greater plan
And we know there were 3 continents so much older
And they shall rise and tell us much more the truth of man

I see visions of sleeping peaks erupting
releasing all hell that will shake the earth from end to end
And this ain't good news, bad news or any news
It's just the Truth
Better Save Your Souls while you can