Honeybee totem

A Tarot Honeycomb

Full Moon by Flora McLachlan

Last night at the Piscean Full Moon a new Tarot circle came into being. Thank you to all of the beautiful women who stepped into The Path Within together. I hope your journey is one of mystery, magic and healing as you reclaim your own ancient ancestral wisdom and mythic story.

To celebrate the Full Moon we each placed a wish into a candle, placing them into a spiral bowl of natural spring water from the Wombat Forest well. As we connected to our intention we listened to the recording of honeybees within a sacred hive.  I left these candles to burn and in the morning this is what they had a created: a gorgeous Tarot honeycomb of bright wishes.

Blessings and love to the new members of our Tarot circle, may all your wishes be golden.