Healing Doll

Black Swan Blessing Doll - CrowMoon Dancer

I love to make dolls for people when we journey together. Here is CrowMoon Dancer made for Karen and her Black Swan Blessing journey to sing back the Outcast Sister. Inside her body are many plants and herbs including moss, oak, mountain ash and arnica for keeping the wolf within. Wishing you beautiful moon dances together Karen xx

Rainbow Love - new plant spirit dolls

I am Love, You are Love St John's Wort medicine doll

These are some of the plant spirit dolls that have been birthing here in the forest in the month of February - lots of pink and red hair/hare I see! I am particularly enjoying creating the dolls made personally for their keepers. I loved making the Oak and Moss Avalon Mysteries doll you see below. She has a lot of style! The beauty of birthing dolls is that I do not choose the way they look, they come through with their own personality and talismans required for their new keepers. Some are elaborate and some are beautifully simple like Pelican Womb Healer. She carries Pelican smudging fan created and gifted to us by Nature's Art Melbourne. Thank you!

Blessings and love to all the new doll keepers x

Custom doll for Louise - Oak and Moss Avalon Mysteries

Pelican Womb Healer Spirit Doll
carrying sacred women's herbs blessed in ceremony - overcoming obstacles with ease
Rain Spirit Doll completed on the day the rain fell over the burnt lands 15th Feb, 2014
Full Moon Passionflower Medicine Doll created on full moon 15th February, 2014 
RedHare Elemental Shapeshifter Doll Holding Mountain Ash Resin staff
Tree Lover, Hive Mother - Bee Pollen and Beeswax Doll

tree lover earth mother medicine doll for the koalas

This new doll Tree Lover, Earth Mother is a doll I created last night to help raise funds for the koalas at the Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter. Her tummy is full of beautiful Bee Pollen and she wears a wooden talisman over her heart. As a special thank you to her keeper, she will come with a Medicine Reading and bottle of liquid sunshine - an essence oil blend of Blackthorn Tree, St John's Wort and Rosehip oil & lots of yummy organic treasures. Your gift of $100 for this doll and her reading and oil will go directly to fund the care of a new koala at the Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter. First to contact me will be her new keeper.

Moon Horse Spirit Doll Winner!

And the winner of the Moon Horse Spirit Doll is Emma Rochester! Thank you to everyone who entered and booked a Tarot reading last month. It was an exciting step over the threshold with you all. I loved discovering your gifts and teachings of last year and hearing all about your new dreams for 2014 - I hope we created pathways to help to make them REAL for you this year. Keep riding into the Sun dear Dreamers.

Emma Rochester is an amazing textile artistan and in her reading she shared with me that she had just completed a book that was 10 years in the making. So deserved! Moon Horse will be galloping to you this week Emma x

New Moon feathers of Rosella wings around her heart and Kookaburra (tigresse) smudging feather

the spring, the doll and the gang gang cockatoo

Every 3 weeks we travel to the purest spring we have ever known, the well spring at the top of Mount Donna Buang in Warburton, Vic.  We went yesterday to draw water for our ceremony on Friday night and for new essence creation. Often when I visit I will leave a spirit doll to thank the spring but to also thank the other visitors to this sacred place - the water freaks/ enthusiasts! Every time we visit we meet another water lover and this time it was a man in his 60s who was riding a motorbike across Australia. As soon as he tasted the spring he began to fill every container he had with him for his travels. He told me he'd never tasted anything as good.

The doll I gave to the Spring and her friends was Healing Spirit, a medicine doll that I'd finished on the weekend after attending the Wurundjeri Welcome to Country ceremony. The doll was with me as I'd passed through the welcome smoke and I was fascinated to hear in the ceremony that along with the gift of Fire to welcome visitors to their lands, the Wurundjeri also gave visitors water. I have no doubt this spring has been known and held sacred to the Wurundjeri for a long long time. 

I placed the doll under a small fern just behind the spring and prepared to leave when a family of Gang Gang Cockatoos began to call and one ancient grandfather landed and sat in the small fern above the spirit doll. I had never seen this type of Cockatoo at the spring before and he sang and spoke to us before flying down to the spring itself and drinking from it.  When I gift dolls at the spring I leave a little note to let people know that this doll is a gift for visiting this sacred place. And here is the beautiful family that found her! The family of local artist Lucy Pierce and her babies. I was thrilled. Lucy is a dear sister and her sculpture was a beautiful element of our ceremony held last year for the women and babies of the Magdalene Laundries at Abbotsford Convent. It felt very right that this doll would come to live with Lucy and her family.  

In these changing times there is so much being released but there are so many gifts to be received. I think we are all finally learning to appreciate simplicity again and receiving pleasure from small treasures made with care. And we can all play a magical part in this weaving with the universe. What small treasure can you gift to someone this week? I love to hear these stories of how a mysterious gift can be just what is needed to really lift someone's  spirit.  The morning after finding the doll, Lucy contacted me - there were Gang Gangs singing in her backyard.

Oceans of love to you all for your New Moon blessings. If you are joining us on Friday night please bring along a special cup or glass to share in the watery goodness of this ancient spring - water is life! 

Let it Go, Let it Flow - journey and meditation circle to farewell the year of the Water Snake.  

Gang Gang Grandfather blessing Healing Spirit with his song
Lucy and her family after finding the doll by the spring

weaving the new spirit sisters x

Bird Shaman Gingko Plant Medicine Doll
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These 2 Spirit Sisters were birthed on the weekend after Full Moon to help with Ancestral Wisdom and Womb Blessing Medicine. 

The Threshold Tarot Reading & Spirit Doll Giveaway is still being offered - details are here.

Womb Blessing Sacred Rose Plant Medicine Doll
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Doll Lineages and the Wild Bee

Flower Faerie custom plant medicine doll for Asha's Grandmother
'you are never too old for a doll, you are never too old to play'
I am always thrilled to make a new doll. It's something that I just never tire of because the doll is, right until the end, a mystery to me. Sometimes I am shown colour to begin and other times I am shown a tiny part of a design. When I was asked to create a doll lineage on the weekend I was very touched. I have now created dolls for the daughter, mother and grandmother. The doll you see above is for Grandmother. She was meant to start her birth on Sunday but she was so excited that she came through on Friday night. All I knew when beginning was that she has a 'dress of flowers'. I had expected to make a serious 'Elder' doll but instead this delightful Flower Faerie came to be Spirit Sister to the Matriarch of the family. She told me that everyone has an inner child that loves to play, it doesn't matter how old you are.  
The doll below was another custom order from a man for his mother in Israel. I love to see these wee wise women travel far and wide across the Earth. They are living in many countries that I am yet to visit myself! My friend Gwen suggested that we could have a page of photographs of the Spirit Sisters in their new lands - that would be fun. 
I am now about to start creating a doll for Ruby a four year old girl about to turn five who has told me very clearly that she'd like her doll to hold 'cat energy and a crystal' !! Can't tell you how much I'm already looking forward to meeting this wise being.
I am taking a new round of orders for the next tribe of custom-made Spirit Sisters, order information can be found here.

I was also gifted organic Bee Pollen for the dolls this weekend and it seems to me that the Bees are bringing a new radiance. The dolls seem to glow. It is so important that we create gardens that are safe havens and invitations to the Wild Bees. 
Custom medicine doll for Mother in Israel
her name is 'Bee Light' and she assists with indecision