I am the Bride and the Groom

Monumental bust of the goddess Isis-Sothis-Demeter
From Tivoli, Hadrian's Villa, Palestra 131-138 AD

“Because I am the first and the last
I am the venerated and the despised one
I am the prostitute and the saint.
I am the bride and the virgin.
I am the mother and the daughter,
I am my mother’s arms,
I am the sterile one, yet my children are numerous,
I am the married woman and the unmarried one,
I am She who gives birth and She who has never given birth,
I am the consolation for the pains of childbirth.
I am the bride and the groom,
And it was my man who nurtured my fertility,
I am my father’s Mother,
I am my husband’s sister.
And he is my rejected son.
Respect me always,
As I am the Scandalous and the Magnificent one.”
Found in Nag Hammadi, Egypt, 1947. Dated III-IV BC. Allegedly an hymn to goddess Isis

New Forest Well Essence - Building Sacred Fire

Hello and welcome to the new members of our tribe,

I hope that you gained some inspiring new insights over the very potent Full Moon in Aries over the last 2 days. On this Full Fire Moon I created a new essence dedicated to creating Transfomation and to help us to connect to our own Sacred Fire. Dedicated to the Goddess Artemis, the intention of this blend is facilitate transformation and growth as we connect to confidence in our own unique abilities and gifts. The Artemis Blend will work specifically with the Solar Plexus and Third Eye Chakras and is created with love with pure natural spring water collected from the Wombat Forest and pure plant essences. 

After the Golden Temple and Full Moon circles of the last 2 days, I have just 6 bottles of this first batch of the Artemis Blend left. If you feel called to step into a course of transformation I recommend taking 7 drops of this blend under the tongue morning and night for 2 weeks (3 drops for a slower shift if you feel like taking a slower step into change).   The Artemis Blend essence is $15 (plus p&h), $10 if booked with a reading or healing consultation or $25 if purchased with an Energy Protector blend to create Sacred Space and Grounding. 

Warm Wishes for a bright new Journey,

Playing music into the water just collected from the forest well
Trentham Falls, Wombat Forest

The Silver Doorway - Advanced Tarot Course

For those of you who have completed The Path Within and been waiting for the 2nd step into the realm of Advanced Tarot, I'm happy to announce I am opening enrolments for The Silver Doorway starting in May. In this course we throw away the books and step deeper into our own Knowing and trusting our Intuition. Based on the Celtic mythology of the Ninth Wave, in these 9 weeks we will be working deeply with the Divine Feminine through guided meditation, reading intricate Tarot spreads, developing connection with your Animal Totems & Spirit Guides and most importantly, learning to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

To be eligible for this course you will have completed The Path Within and be ready to step through The Silver Doorway...