Full Moon

Horse Moon Spirit Doll Giveaway

Horse Moon

And here she is, Horse Moon, still becoming... I began her last night in the Full Moon and I will continue to weave her up until the New Moon birth of the Year of the Horse on 30th January. If you book for a Threshold Karmic Tarot reading in January you will go into the draw to win her and I hope she brings you much abundance and creativity in 2014. Inside her tummy are many herbs and flowers but her main medicines are Bee Pollen to pollinate your Golden Dreams and Arnica Flowers - known to witches as Wolf Flower to keep your wild Wolf Heart. Good luck seekers of the Wild love to you for your Full Moon Dreaming x

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Full Moon, Water Witching and the Wild Bee


How was your Full Moon last night beauties? We were immersed in essence making here in Sherbrooke Forest in the middle of a rain storm it was inspiring and strangely calming - water witching under the Chestnut Tree with water pouring down and yet the tree kept us quite dry.

Today there is a soft blue hue over the forest, it is dark and only 2pm and we are getting ready to prepare the fire... the beeswax calls. We will be offering new encaustic beeswax art and meditation circles from the forest very soon, I am just waiting to confirm the dates in a venue where we can have an open fire! Here are 3 encaustic paintings that were birthed at the Autumn Equinox - each speaking beautifully and guiding me so much at this time. There is an old saying: 'ask the wild bee what the Druids knew'. Blessings of the wild bee for your full moon dreaming.

Equinox encaustic oracle : Sacred Familiar
Spirit Dancer encaustic oracle: Sacred Familiar
Swan Maiden encaustic oracle - Sacred Familiar

New Full Moon Vision Board Workshop

Hello Everyone,
I will be holding a new Vision Board Collage Workshop on the evening of the Full Moon on Thursday, 20th January, 2011.  When we let our intuition guide us & choose images to express what is birthing deep within our hearts, we can direct this powerful energy into new projects, creations, relationships & dreams for the New Year ahead. 
In this creative workshop we will use meditation & collage to work with the Universal Law of Attraction.  A vision board is a collage of the things you want to be, have, or do in your life. The purpose of a vision board is to activate the Law of Attraction to begin to pull things from the external environment that will enable you to realise your dream. By selecting pictures and writing that charges your emotions with feelings of passion, you will begin to manifest those things in your life. Creating a vision board can be a simple yet powerful visualisation tool to begin manifesting your dreams into reality.
Places are limited in this workshop so please let me know as soon as possible if you wish to join us. Please bring a small photo of yourself & any images that call to your heart to add to your collage,
Warm Wishes,  Julia

Spinning the Threads of New Learning at the Full Moon

When I woke up this morning I felt as if a weight had moved from my shoulders. Ah, the full moon! On Friday we finally experienced Venus going direct after being in such a tough retrograde for the last month. Venus has not completed all of her 'Shadow' work yet (she will move back into Scorpio on 30 November for her last dance with the shadow until mid-December) but there is no doubt that we can enjoy some flowing movement for the next week. Tonight we will see and feel the Full Moon in the last degrees of Taurus as the Sun moves into the dynamic sign of Sagittarius at around 9.15pm.

Rebekah Holguin

So what has Venus been showing and helping you to face during her retrograde? Venus is the Goddess of Love - have you noticed any relationships from the past popping into your mind to be examined, remembered, released? When Venus is in retrograde I liken it to the image above - she has to step into the waters of the past to retrieve the deeper and hidden wisdom that we hold around relationships, boundaries and love for ourselves.  Now that she has gone direct, use the intuitive flashes, new understanding and hopefully healing that Venus has facilitated to make that final reach for the gold that waits deep within our inner knowing. The gold of acceptance and then release from the past.

I see the full moon tonight as an enormous spinning wheel - a symbol of transformation. We are always growing and learning and evolving just like the moon, the earth and nature's cycles. I have been fascinated with the image of the spinning wheel since working with Venus. I like to imagine that with all we have learnt last month that we can now spin the strands of the past, with the present to create the future that we truly desire. In the Tarot we see a similar movement in The Wheel of Fortune - a card that reminds us that sometimes we just have to trust that the Wheel of Life will turn regardless of not knowing what that turn will be.

The Wheel - Gaian Tarot

Has Venus been asking you to think about the need or desire to control relationships in your life? Surrender and open your heart to the full moon tonight as the great spinning wheel in the sky helps to weave together the threads of your life to bring symbiosis and integration and most importantly, to create the gold that will be waiting for you once this process is complete. Next month we will feature the amazing art of Nadia Turner in our newsletter and below is her exquisite sketch of 'The Weaver' - may the threads turn to gold for you this evening.

The Weaver by Nadia Turner www.waywardharper.com

Creating New Relationships with the Dark Goddess

For some, it's been pretty hard-going for the last month, ever since the time of the Spring Equinox (23rd September). We are in a time of releasing old patterns and gaining new insights - particularly about our relationships (to others and to ourselves). Last night's Full Moon in Aries was the second Aries Moon and because of this, the energy was amplified. It's very unusual to have two full moons in the same sign consecutively. The Fire of Aries combined with being in the sign of Scorpio (Water) can often bring up feelings of anger, fear or melancholy. These 'shadow' emotions tie in with this time of the Dark Goddess as Venus is in retrograde until 19th November - so hang in there! I love that Queen Elizabeth I wore the emblem of the Phoenix over her Solar Plexus. The Phoenix is a totem associated with the sign of Scorpio representing rebirth and emerging triumphant from the flames of dark times.

Instead of fighting the Shadow or Dark Goddess within ourselves, try to embrace this time of change as an opportunity for growth and liberation. I find the Goddess Medusa to be particularly good to work with feelings of anger and frustration. And what is the Goddess Venus trying to tell you about the relationships or lack of relationships in your life? What relationship patterns are you noticing at this full moon? Create a list of relationship experiences that you can now take responsibility for (well at least half, hey?!) and then say goodbye to them and thank them for all that they have taught you. Now you are ready to create a wish list for the kind of relationships you are getting ready to embrace! Go for it, don't hold back.

For those of you who are still feeling ties to old partners or behaviours and need to cut energy ties to the past, you can EMAIL ME  to receive an exercise to consciously release yourself from etheric and energy ties.

The energy of the full moon will still be strong tonight so use this time to consciously create change and manifest the joy and abundance you truly deserve.