Embracing the Wild Wisdom of Death and Dying

Hello friends, I am writing this post at the exact point of Full Moon in Cancer from our forest home here in Sherbrooke. I have chosen this point to speak about a dreaming that has been growing between Tony and I and our sister Bec Walker (Rainbowalker) for some time. We are now opening up new circles under the name of Memory Tree Collective to create spaces to speak openly and without fear about death and dying. This is an area that seems to be naturally becoming a part of our work, especially Bec who is an Aged Care Nurse and has many years of experience of being a part of the caring team that prepares a soul to move from this world into the next.

This service, a Guardian of the Threshold, is part of Ancestral Medicine. Not too long ago this wisdom was carried in the family. Real practical information about how to care for the physical body as it was breaking down and also how to hold space as the spirit was getting ready to cross the threshold to begin the Great Journey. Our grandmothers and grandfathers would do this preparation in our homes and and communities and we are all passionate about honouring this natural wisdom again. A natural life also deserves a natural death and we will discuss green burials, home funerals and the ecology of the sacred Earth.

No-one is a stranger to death and yet there is so little spoken about it - we are still so afraid and also bound by the taboos of the past. In this first of the Memory Tree circles we will hold shamanic ceremony to release the binding of the past and honour and show love to our fear. In our journeys we will create a new relationship to the natural cycle of Life-Death-Rebirth and to Mother Earth. We will journey to make peace with death and to loved ones no longer with us. We will open the door to our own personal understanding of Life After Life. In becoming fearless and conscious about dying we also give ourselves and loved ones the gift of conscious living - we become deeply at peace with all that is.

We would like to thank the artist, Iain Whittaker, for sharing his incredible artwork which is a part of 13 panel frieze called 'Fascinum Frieze' that was a part of his recent exhibition: 'Psychopomp'.   Here is a link to a great interview with Iain and further panels from the Fascinum Frieze. When I look at this vision I see a woman who embodies the feeling that the Memory Tree Collective would like to share with you - that there is nothing to fear from death. Her glowing necklace of wild bees and her luminous eyes feel like a beautiful invitation to live.