The Spirit of Nature - hello Spring!

The spirit of nature in Bec's garden in Tasmania

In the last month I have been creating a new blend of plant essences and healing water from the natural mineral springs here in Victoria. And it has been beautiful to spend time connecting to the spirit of the green world. My friend Bec in Tasmania sent me this photograph taken in her beloved garden. This photograph led me to remember photos I took behind my mother's home on the Central Coast in NSW. My mother said that she has watched these two beautiful plant beings over a long time and feels that they are very sacred. I call them 'Mother and Child' and I can see the child's face so clearly and also a formation like little antlers coming from the mother's head.

Photos like this help us to step away from our need to be constantly 'entertained and distracted' by electronic noise. Have a look in your garden... who is waiting for you to look beyond the veil?