Dr Bach Flower Remedies

Tammy Mae Moon leading us through the Bach Garden

Clematis - Tammy Mae Moon

Our dear sister-artist, Tammy Mae Moon, has just begun a series of paintings exploring the healing story worlds of the Bach Flower remedies. I love that she is bringing the face of the flower forward for us all to see. You can read about the beauty and assistance of the Bach Flower remedy : Clematis on her blog: Spiral in the Sky. 

The Water Bearers - Moon in Aquarius Rock Water

'In the native healing tradition of the Celtic World, living spring water was called Rock Water – it is the water that emerges out of the depths of the earth into the light. Water that is revivified in the dark womb of the earth and finds its way again to the light is a re-born substance. 

Rock Water is the mother of all flower remedies; it is typically an entry-point remedy that softens the soul’s disposition, and introduces the individual to a realm beyond the hardness of the physical body and the material world. Rock Water is not an environmental remedy or a remedy made from rocks, as some New Age thinkers have assumed. Dr. Bach intended that all flower essences be prepared with vibrant spring water, and Rock Water is the base element that is foundational to all true flower essences.'

Our own  'rock water' that we use in the creation of Daughters of the Well essences pours forth from a fern covered cavern a few hundred metres from the opening of the deep artesian well on the top of Mount Donna Buang in Warburton. High up in the mountain this deep underground spring bursts from the earth in an endless supply of the clearest natural spring water that I have ever tasted and the purity of it's essence is such a gift to healing remedies.