Dark Feminine

Introducing The Black Swan - Black Moon Lilith Sessions

  • Astrology: Discover where your own personal Black Moon Lilith resides in your Astrological Natal Chart and how this influence has been felt in your life. 
  • Tarot: Let the esoteric symbols of the Tarot give accurate and practical advice on what is needed to be released and embraced in your personal Lilith story. How to polish the gifts Lilith has given to see their light. 
  • Past Lives: Delve deeper into your Lilith story through Past Life Healing to uncover and heal past wounds and to reclaim your ancient wise woman gifts of the Dark Feminine. 

Know Thyself.  At this time of the rise of the Divine Feminine we are being asked to embrace the full radiance of our Spirits. This radiance soon illuminates all aspects of our lives and we become aware of the 'orphaned' or 'outcast' traits of ourselves hiding in the shadows.  Shame, regret, anger and guilt about the past wounding of the Feminine are emotions we will focus on transforming as we cast them into the alchemical cauldron. This energetic transformation works to heal the splitting of our spirit that occurs when we begin to label parts of ourselves or areas of our life as 'good' or 'bad'. There is no such thing. When we heal this illusion & embrace the purity of our essence we see the wounds as signposts to our gifts as: the wise woman, the shamaness, the wild artist and the fearless lover. 

By embracing our 'night-time sister' we create a sense of wholeness & embodiment of the luminous, unbroken circle. In our Black Moon Lilith session together you will receive vital messages from the Dark Feminine about your current life and past lives as well as practical advice on how to own the beautiful and potent gifts awaiting recovery from the shadows. We are in the time of The Deep, a time of going beyond the superficial, beyond the influence of anything other than our own Authority. I welcome and invite every part of you to step forward in all of your wild splendour!