Constant Puyo

Where the Veil is Thinnest

We are now in the space of Samhain - Halloween here in the Southern Hemisphere. Some of you are celebrating this final harvest festival this evening and some will wait for Sunday when it is the celestial point of Samhain. There is no right or wrong. Samhain is a festival we celebrate before preparing for the approach of darker winter months. The cosmic veils are thinnest at this time and we can hear more clearly the whispers of the ancestors. After the immense activity over the last month, I'm sure it is going to be a potent week. Feel into the week for a space of time to connect to the Earth and to your ancestors. I will wait for May 5th as this Sunday feels right for me. I am still in a deep process with my ancestors after this last weekend...they are teaching me how to live life more fully.

I hope these stunning photographs by Constant Puyo provide some inspiration for your Dreamer to know how, where and when to tune in to tune in. Happy listening...