Buffy Sainte-Marie

Starwalkers, Wolf Riders and Fire Keepers - Buffy Sainte Marie

Buffy Sainte Marie breast feeding her son on Sesame Street
I adore Buffy Sainte Marie. I saw her last year in Melbourne at the age of 71, appearing decades younger and then watched her shapeshifting onstage into an even younger girl dancing. It was the best performance of vitality and honesty and truth I've seen in years. I hope she returns to Australia again soon.

Did you know she was the first woman to breast feed her child on television? Sesame Street! For all those needing kindling for their Fire today in the Dark Moon I share this beloved Fire Keeper xx

Starwalker, he's a friend of mine
You've seen him looking fine
He's a straight talker, he's a Starwalker
Don't drink no wine
Ay way hey o heya

Wolf Rider she's a friend of yours
You've seen her opening doors,
She's a history turner, she's a sweetgrass burner
And a dog soldier
Ay hey way hey way heya

Holy light, guard the night.
Pray up your medicine song.
Oh, stake dealer you're a spirit healer,
Keep going on.
Ay hey way hey way heya

Lightning Woman, Thunderchild
Star soldiers one and all oh
Sisters, Brothers all together
Aim straight, Stand tall

Starwalker he's a friend of mine
You've seen him looking fine
He's a straight talker, he's a Starwalker
Don't drink no wine
Ah way hey o hey...

Aya hey hey heyo way hey heyo
Ay hey hey heya
Hey way hey way heya
Heya wey yoh
Ay hey way hey way heya

Buffy Sainte-Marie: The Goddess in Melbourne at Easter

We saw Buffy Sainte-Marie last night in Melbourne - what a woman! I haven't had a musical experience like this in such a long time. She is a musician, storyteller, mystic, artist and activist for the Earth. I sang, cried, laughed and felt my heart bursting out of my chest in so many songs, especially Starwalker. She is 71 years old and looks decades younger, dances around the stage like a 20 year old and is such a wise teacher. We are so lucky to be able to hear these Sage Women! For anyone living in Sydney, she is going to be performing there next week and at the Byron Bay Bluesfest this easter - whooooo hooooo. That will be wild. At the end of the evening she came down to talk with everyone and signed our t-shirts. This people, is the REAL DEAL!

Have a beautiful easter break, traditionally in the Northern Hemisphere, this originally was the Pagan festival of Ostara, Celtic Goddess of Spring, Renewal & Rebirth.

We wish you and your tribe a beautiful and peaceful holiday.

Lunar Hare by Nicola Slatterly

Full Moon in Libra tonight

Saturn is opposite Dark Moon Lilith on the Full Moon in Libra tonight. But this is no time for combat. Normally a Full Moon in Libra would be feeling harmonious and creative but it's a very cardinal Full Moon and you would be better putting your mind to creating and forging the new. Just like the Earth, we are coming back to balance, use this moon tonight to feel what is out of balance and begin to re-envision the new you. I've had a bit of spree buying new clothes for myself which is very unusual and exciting...how will you be dressing in the future?

Lady Lilith by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882)
It is also the birthday of Renaissance woman, Lucrezia Borgia today - now there is a fascinating woman to ponder with Moon and Lilith tonight. Interestingly a mystery portrait of Lucrezia was only discovered in the National Gallery of Victoria in Australia in 2008. It is the world's only painting of the infamous Lucrezia and was purchased under the name of 'Portrait of a Youth' in London in 1965 for 8,000 pounds. I love that she is still creating intrigue and unveiling mysteries hundreds of years after her death. 
Lucrezia Borgia portrait discovered in Australia