Black Moon Lilith

Black Swan - Following Lilith's Past Life Tracks

Today I share West's Black Swan Dreaming of her past life Lilith story. These stories are often keys that unlock the door we are craving to open to come home and be with others again, to be whole again in ourselves. Our Lilith stories are our memories of the Wild Feminine and how she became outcast - it is a story we often feel but find it hard to express in words. The Black Swan comes to journey with the Lilith story and it is her gift for story and words that help you to find your own mythic tale and the lyrics to sing back your long lost Wolf Sister.

Thank you West for sharing your heart and words, oceans of love to you and your wild sister as you journey together now. You can read more about these sessions here.

As the journey started I walked into the forest the green light blurred. I looked up, the foliage had disappeared and a thin green membrane was above me, held up by hundreds of solid black tree trunks that disappeared into the murkiness. I started to walk into the forest but as I walked, I moved backward; every step I took dragged me back. Eventually I was blown back and I realized that the forest I was in was actually a dragon’s eye. It was Lilith’s eye. The trees were veins and the green the membrane was her skin. As I realized this I tumbled out and came face to face with her.

Lilith had the most beautiful face. In fact, as I looked upon her I knew that there was no woman who would ever be as beautiful as her. Her features were long and elegant; dark eyes, soft lips and a sharp jaw. She wore a dark blue cloak. However, the longer I looked at her I started to notice her features were morphing; fading in and out. Lilith was a Shapeshifter. Sometimes I could see the bones clearly underneath her features. Her eyes became the eyes of a wolf. She had antlers, a horse’s mane and nose, paws with feathers and wings made of quill arrows – ready to fire at a moments notice. Her legs were that of a lion and her feet were those of an eagle; strong and sharp. Yet underneath all of these morphing animal features, the woman remained; composed and peaceful. I only ever saw the left side of her face, the rest remained in shadow. “That’s just how it is.” she said. “The darkness just is.” she said. “Forget the names of good and evil, forget the names of darkness and light. That is just how it is.”

As we walked she donned a giant wooden mask, half wolf and half horse. The mask was stylized, thick lines and blocks of colour – red, green, white and blue. She wore a cloak made of moss and sticks. She stalked like a shaman steeped with magic; dancing her way through the night. We were crossing a frozen tundra together. We were in the Arctic. There was an ice-wall ahead and the Aurora Borealis danced wild green above our heads.  She whispered that the Aurora Borealis were the ghost of the forests that had been. Suddenly the sky cracked and an ice-water waterfall flowed down; glacial shards piercing the tundra like flesh. The world peeled away. I found myself alone and looking in to a dark pool. The air was painful on my skin. Lilith was looking back at me from in the pool. I wanted to ask where she had gone; how had she got to the other side of the water? I missed her but I was scared. Suddenly, a white paw shot out of the water and dragged me down into the pool. The pool was a portal.

Once again I stood beside Lilith on the tundra however, I knew we were on the other side of the pool; like stepping through the looking glass, I guess. It was daylight now and the air sparkled with the cold. Looking up I saw we had broken the ice-wall. Just our presence changed things. Lilith was a Shapeshifter and Shifter of Shapes; a catalyst for change. Lilith and I walked on through the ice crevices. I marveled at the whites and blues. The next thing I knew I was looking down at a grave; my grave from a past life. The grave was open and it was all bones and dirt and a mess of long black hair. Some of the leather clothing remained but it was stained red. I looked down at the broken and dry bones with curiosity and compassion. Lilith stood beside me in reverent silence but I could sense her silent howls. She wanted me to get going. What was I to get going on? I looked down at the bones of the young girl’s hands, my hands, they were clutching a brilliant ruby red heart. If you caught the heart in the right light you could see a foxes face in the ruby. 

I looked behind me, rows of Polar Bear Clan people and polar bears stood watching from afar. Some turned their faces away. A great sadness resonated through the crowd, only the bears stood strong. This Wildling girl had been of the Polar Bear Clan. There had come a time where in order for the clan to survive, to assimilate to the new ways, the Clan had needed to freeze and hide the magic. The girl was furious. I was furious. Lilith was furious. How dare they deny us? I ran. I took the magic with me. I dug my own grave with blooded hands. I froze myself along with the magic. I would not breathe without the magic. So, there I lay for thousands of years, talking to the dirt about death. I listened to the poetry of the fallen hearts rumbling in the soil. Gods came and went. I learned how nothing ever ends, just transforms. All transformations are magic. All transformations are sacred. Dirt is sacred for it transforms, and magic never leaves us, it just waits...

I snapped back out of my old life. Once again I was looking down at the bones. Lilith and I started to breathe life in to the skeleton of my old self. The wilding started to take form, wrapped in furs and weapons. We helped her stand, her eyes frantic. I held her tight, I kissed her bloodied knuckles, her blood was my blood, was Lilith’s blood. I and lent the wildling my warmth. A pack of wild beasts huddled around us; their fur keeping us safe. Lilith leaned in and with her bite, the Wilding was healed – the shock of pain telling her: “You are alive, even in death, you live on.”

Once she was warm I looked down to discover my abdomen was cut wide open and I was bleeding black. I was bleeding Lilith’s blood. This is where Lilith raged through. I was bound to this beautiful Wildling Girl with black dripping seaweed that came from this wound. The Wildling raged and tugged, she wanted to be free to run. I was in pain and my chest ached. I was guided to turn to Lilith for a sharp tool to cut the seaweed binds. However, Lilith handed me a duckling. The duckling ate the seaweed and grew into a large adult black duck. The duck waddled around my wounds, healed them and then waddled off… just doing what a duck does. “Beasts just are as they are.” Lilith said. “Never, never underestimate their medicine, no matter the form… no matter.”

Once I was healed I came face to face with my Wildling Self. Lilith watched over us as we stepped into one another and merged – becoming one. In the background was my Polar Bear Clan, they just watched. I loved my Polar Bear Clan but I could never return. I was too different. I needed to find my own clan. I needed to run wild. I needed balance of togetherness and aloneness. I could not pledge to any person. However, the Polar Bear Clan had promised to always protect me from a distance. Their protection and power echoed down through history affording me great strength and safety. I was marked with the paw. This taught me about forgiveness, letting go, and love.  

I had a sudden feeling of being home. My whole body relaxed... she was home. We were home; the medicine of death, of threshold and transformation, wildness, and creation shining brilliant in my heart, Lilith at my side ready to return. And so the next journey begins – to know my medicine, to honour it well, and to be with others when the time is right while taking the time to hibernate with my beasts, the bones, and the soil when needed… and to run thresholds…  to celebrate the my darkness, to realize and embrace myself and embrace Lilith.

Dreaming back the Outcast - Singing Home the Wolf Sister

Dark Moon blessings to you all. We are preparing to move to our new nest in Kallista. Exciting and daunting (packing...). so I won't be here much this week. From 6th March I will be holding Black Swan Blessings - Past Life Lilith story healing to sing home the Wolf Sister and Wild Feminine. I feel drawn to hold this work particularly before we gather for Seven Sisters Festival - it can be so hard for the lone wolf, the outcast to join big groups and so if you feeling drawn to be with your sisters but are also feeling fear of entering the circle, of being vulnerable in a group, get in touch and I will be honoured to hold space to help you sing the Wolf Sister home. This year we are being asked to share our personal medicine together, in community - my wish is that you will be there in the circle with us. These sessions are also offered by Skype and phone for our Faraway Sisters, love, Julia

Return of the Medicine Women - encaustic 2014

Mabel Juli and her Moon Dreaming

The winner for the Kate Chaillis RAKA Award 2013, Mabel Juli.
Mabel Juli with her painting Garnkeny Ngarranggarni (Moon Dreaming)  Photo Eddi Jim
I have been swimming deep in the mysteries of Lilith this past month especially after the ceremony we held at the Magdalene Laundries. And so many sisters have been coming to me to journey to their own past life Lilith stories and wound to clear and release the bindings from it.  Lilith as been showing her face to me everywhere I turn.
And I saw her here too in Australia when I was drawn to the Dreamtime painting Moon Dreaming by Aboriginal artist, Mabel Juli. Mabel's painting recently won the Kate Challis RAKA Award and is part of the current exhibition: Under the Sun showing in Melbourne at the Ian Potter Museum of Art. 
I have been fascinated by this beautiful painting, so minimal and yet so potent. I see such a similarity to the astrological symbol of Black Moon Lilith. Even the Dreamtime story has many Lilith undertones and themes:
''The moon as a man went hunting kangaroo, and left his wife and mother-in-law at home in the camp. When he came back he saw a woman with her long hair hanging down. It was the mother-in-law and he wanted to marry her; he didn't want his wife any more.''

The people of the camp told him to leave and to take his ''right-way wife''. As he walked, the moon turned and cursed them, telling them they would die, while he would return each month.' Mabel Juli

Read more:

Lilith Rising

Dear Sisters,

After holding Femmina Unbound at the Convent I received instruction telling me to hold a workshop to embrace and connect to the essence of the Wild Feminine. This Swan Blessing workshop: Reclaiming the Ancestral Medicine of your Lilith Story will focus on clearing binding beliefs, vows and sacred oaths that we are still carrying in regard to beliefs about ourselves and the Dark Feminine.  The work I have done embracing my shadow and my own Lilith Story of my past life, in the matriarchal lineage in my family and in my birthchart has helped me more than any other work to understand myself and to release my old story and limiting beliefs about my history and sense of who I thought I was supposed to be. 

By integrating the Wild Feminine I released so much shame and fear about stepping into my medicine path. Once the truths of your Lilith story are reclaimed, what we once believed were failings or parts of ourselves that were not acceptable, become our greatest gifts and strengths. Without the filter of old perceptions, beliefs and past experiences, our Lilith traits - once viewed as difficult or frightening, shine like stars in the night sky. These gifts are often courage, ability to say NO, originality, fierce love and deeply shamanic and magical talents. This is how the light returns to our story - when we embrace the outcast parts of our true nature, we can become whole.  

If you are called to do this work, you will be held in a sacred circle where you are safe to welcome home the outcast aspects of your Feminine Nature.  As this circle works deeply with the placement of Black Moon Lilith in your own personal natal chart, places are limited to 13 women. If you feel called to join us, you will need to send me your date, place and time of birth if you know it and payment to hold your place.

Rising - Patricia Ariel

The Lunar Illumination of Black Moon Lilith

Dark Beauty Magazine
Very early on thursday morning (1.56am) we will experience a Lunar Eclipse in Gemini and she is conjunct with Black Moon Lilith. Black Moon Lilith - our Dark Sister is often where we carry our wounds and fears around the Divine Feminine. Our Shadow is calling to be healed, embraced and understood. Yes this is a week of challenge and tests - do you dare look into the cave of your own heart? What fears keep you from looking, from healing - we are so afraid that we don't dare step too close, we turn our face away. But to meet our fears with love and courage creates such a transformation that the light we carry with us into the cave allows us to see that our deepest fears are often our greatest teachers, often our brightest jewels.
Serpentarium by Patricia Ariel
At the Solar Eclipse last week I created 9th Wave Water Rites Self-Blessing Essence to bless our own spirits again - we do not need to be blessed or healed or cleansed by anyone else - we are our own authority. These Rites are to be performed by yourself morning and night for 9 days and 9 nights. The essence carries the medicine of both Frog (cleansing, purifying, speaking in your true voice) and Black Swan (embracing unique beauty, healing the wound of the Divine Feminine) and plant essence of the Blackthorn Flower (healing memory of shame and guilt). The Rites are so beautiful, light and freeing, they carry the wisdom of my Celtic Ancestors and the blessings of the Sidhe.
In our blessings Tony and I merely hold sacred space and stand beside you as you peer into that cave, as you come to meet your own Shadow - the Dark Sister or Brother. The blessing comes from your own spirit as it journeys with the WIld Swan. We have just created Eclipse Balance sessions for Friday and Saturday to work in this potent energy of Lunar Illumination. 
The 9th Wave Water Rites Essence 9 Day Ritual: $25 plus post

Lunar Eclipse Balance Sessions: 1 hour 
($100 - 9th Wave Water Rites Essence and Ritual to take home)

Black Swan Black Moon Lilith Sessions: 1.5 hours
($160 - please provide birth details so I can prepare your natal chart)

The Swan Blessing Sessions: 1.5 hours
$160 - 9th Wave Water Rites Essence and Ritual to take home)

Introducing The Black Swan - Black Moon Lilith Sessions

  • Astrology: Discover where your own personal Black Moon Lilith resides in your Astrological Natal Chart and how this influence has been felt in your life. 
  • Tarot: Let the esoteric symbols of the Tarot give accurate and practical advice on what is needed to be released and embraced in your personal Lilith story. How to polish the gifts Lilith has given to see their light. 
  • Past Lives: Delve deeper into your Lilith story through Past Life Healing to uncover and heal past wounds and to reclaim your ancient wise woman gifts of the Dark Feminine. 

Know Thyself.  At this time of the rise of the Divine Feminine we are being asked to embrace the full radiance of our Spirits. This radiance soon illuminates all aspects of our lives and we become aware of the 'orphaned' or 'outcast' traits of ourselves hiding in the shadows.  Shame, regret, anger and guilt about the past wounding of the Feminine are emotions we will focus on transforming as we cast them into the alchemical cauldron. This energetic transformation works to heal the splitting of our spirit that occurs when we begin to label parts of ourselves or areas of our life as 'good' or 'bad'. There is no such thing. When we heal this illusion & embrace the purity of our essence we see the wounds as signposts to our gifts as: the wise woman, the shamaness, the wild artist and the fearless lover. 

By embracing our 'night-time sister' we create a sense of wholeness & embodiment of the luminous, unbroken circle. In our Black Moon Lilith session together you will receive vital messages from the Dark Feminine about your current life and past lives as well as practical advice on how to own the beautiful and potent gifts awaiting recovery from the shadows. We are in the time of The Deep, a time of going beyond the superficial, beyond the influence of anything other than our own Authority. I welcome and invite every part of you to step forward in all of your wild splendour!

Preparing for Black Moon Lilith

Fever Ray

Aleah - Water and Wine
Today I am preparing the Natal birthcharts for all of the women attending the Black Moon Lilith Workshop on Monday night. So beautiful and wild is our dark sister, Lilith, she has so much to teach us about the orphaned parts of ourselves. With every Black Moon Lilith workshop I hold I learn even more about my own shadow and how to welcome her home. In this week of deepest Winter we are also in the time of the Dark Moon, a perfect time for meditation and going within.

I have just recently discovered Aleah a songwriter from Sweden - there is so much incredible art coming from the Scandinavian worlds at the moment. As far as I can tell these are demo tracks as she has no album as yet. In 'Sacrifice' are the perfect Lilith lyrics: 'Shaken I rise from the ashes of myself. I am alive despite all the storms that have run by'. Warmest wishes for the phoenix rising from the ashes of yourself at this Dark Moon.

Welcoming the Dark Sister - Embracing Black Moon Lilith

The first of the Black Moon Lilith Illumination workshops has already filled within a week, showing me just how necessary and needed this beautiful shadow work is for us at the moment. For those of you who missed out on a place, I will be holding the next workshop on the Dark Moon in Gemini on Monday, 18th June. Please contact me with your birth details if you feel called to explore this illuminating work.

At this time of the rise of the Divine Feminine we are asked to illuminate the shadow aspects of lives to bring these 'orphaned' or 'outcast' aspects of ourselves into the luminous circle. Once embraced and loved they begin to become powerful traits and treasured gifts.

In this small and personal workshop held on the Dark Moon in Gemini a time when we can receive messages from our 'twin' or 'other' self, we will discover through Astrology where our Black Moon Lilith  resides in our Natal Chart. Through the ancient symbols of the Tarot we will find a language to help us to delve into the Deep, the Unknown to recover, honour and welcome every part of ourselves. It is time to reclaim the wise woman, the shamaness, the wild creatures. It is time to express our True Nature.

8 places available: please contact Julia with your birth details.

Welcoming the Dark Sister - Embracing Dark Moon Lilith

At this time of the rise of the Divine Feminine we are asked to illuminate the shadow aspects of lives to bring these 'orphaned' or 'outcast' aspects of ourselves into the luminous circle. Once embraced and loved they begin to become powerful traits and treasured gifts.

In this small and personal workshop held on the potent evening of Rebirth: the New Moon Eclipse on Monday, 21st May, we will discover through Astrology where our Black Moon Lilith  resides in our Natal Chart. Through the ancient symbols of the Tarot we will find a language to help us to delve into the Deep, the Unknown to recover, honour and welcome every part of ourselves. It is time to reclaim the wise woman, the shamaness, the wild creatures. It is time to express our True Nature.

8 places available: please contact Julia with your birth details.

Hello 2012 - we are ready

Hello Everyone,

I'm already so excited about this year, are you ready to paint and create and make art of your life? The planet Neptune will  take up residence in it's natural home, the sign of Pisces from 4th February for the next 14 years - a time to embrace our true selves and FEEL. This Neptunian energy is going to be HUGE for artists, musicians and all round crafty and creative people. That means you!

'Stars Shower Her', encaustic art Julia Inglis 2011

I truly believe we are all artists and naturally intuitive beings. I hope that this is the year that you open the door to full flow of creativity, intuition and a heart full of love for our plant and animal friends. Mother Nature needs our love and attention  and this is the year to bring about massive change in the way that we view our animal companions and the earth we live on, in, from.  I know these changing times are not a smooth ride but the more we can be present and open and passionate in our choices, the more we will have access to freedom, authentic relationships and a deep understanding of our own natural rhythms and the rhythms of our nature.

I welcome you all to join us this year in consultations and classes exploring creativity and spirit such as: Encaustic Art, Writing & Photography, Mythology & Symbology, Creating Our Own Oracle Decks, and new work combining Tarot & Astrology: Welcoming Home the Outcasts - Chiron the Wounded Healer and Black Moon Lilith. Some of these classes have already been listed and you can read more here.

So let's begin this incredible quest that is 2012 together. Are you ready...let's go! xxx