The Shamaness - Bjork

Oh I adore Bjork! Her new album Biospheres is inspired by nature and her concert opens with the song Thunderbolt, a song featuring two Tesla coils - electrical columns shooting out bolts of lightning to generate musical notes. She has also created 'gravity harps' made from 10ft pendulums that pluck strings as they move back and forth. The future is already here and it features a voice-over from Sir David Attenborough!

This is a letter from Bjork written on June 29, 2011, in which was sent via email to all of the members of her website.

hi it's björk here

maybe you heard already but i have a new project coming soon called biophilia

it is an album, an app album, a live show and a new website

to make this project i met some amazing explorers, inventors, scientists and programmers. i thought i'd tell you a bit about the project.

the first single and app is called crystalline. it explores crystal and musical structure, and also features a computer-controlled celeste i had remade with bronze bars. i did a video with michel gondry and there will be remixes coming soon too

the live show starts at manchester international festival for 3 weeks at the end of june and will tour the world for the next 2 years! i will be joined by an icelandic girl choir, a computer-controlled gamelan / celeste and pipe organ, a pendulum harp, a singing tesla coil, a hang player called manu and a pin barrel harp!

i'm really excited to show you the project soon!

warmth, björk

Bjork as Shamaness

Last week in our Silver Doorway Advanced Tarot & Healing Circle we shared images of women who embody the 'Shamaness' and share their fire to inspire us on our own personal journeys. For Rashidah, Bjork was one of those incredible women, and she drew Bjork as part octopus. Octopus is an animal that has an intelligence far beyond our own and is still so mysterious to us, the Giant Squids of the Deep the most mysterious of all. Who is your personal Shamaness? Who inspires you to create and be authentic? 
This is Bjork's beautiful song It's in Our Hands sung with a choir from Greenland and danced in a dress of bells!