Bianca Casady

Bianca Casady, Vali Myers & creating your Own Tarot Deck

Recently I met up with the lovely Bianca Casady of CocoRosie to talk about a contribution for the new exciting book on Vali Myers to be published by Outre Gallery this year and Bianca mentioned that she had designed her own Tarot deck. She had become very attached to her deck and the readings she experienced with her own cards were very deep. Thank you for sharing Bianca and I can't wait to see what you create for Vali!

Artwork: Bianca Casady
One of my dreams is to create a Vali Myers Tarot or another idea is the The Animal Kingdom of Vali Myers oracle deck...these little nudges are getting stronger. I have just been given some beautiful paints for my birthday and am considering painting a small deck just for myself to use. Have you considered making your own cards?  The entry of the planet Neptune into it's own master sign of Pisces on 5th April will herald in many of these new urges to create and explore our own creativity and to trust our sense of knowing which would be doubly amplified if we could use cards that had come directly from our own intuition and psyche. Just look at this world within worlds inside Vali's painting Guiliano dedicated to the Sicilian bandit Salvatore Guiliano.
'Guiliano' Vali Myers

'In the land of Black Madonnas and bitter oranges...'