Anne Siems

Real Love


St Valentine's Day is loaded with emotion and pressure to be in a relationship. As I looked at all the promotional cards and marketing today I thought of how heavy this day can be with it's tiny evaluation of 'real love'. The Beloved appears in so many guises - soul sisters, a circle of dear friends, your family, and your loving animal companions. The love you feel from them and for them is every bit as real.

In the Xhosa Culture, "I am because we are "
St Valentine's Day was actually an effort to christianise the celebration of Lupercalia, a pagan fertility and purification festival held annually on 15th February. Lupercalia was dedicated to Faunus or Pan the Roman god of agriculture and to the lupa or she-wolf who was said to have cared for Romulus and Remus in a sacred cave. Now that's a celebration that inspires me! Don't believe the hype - let inspiration and truth be your guide.

Wolf Girl by Anne Siems