Ancestral Home

Return of the Wisdom Traditions

Tony walking with Autumn elementals in Sherbrooke Forest 5.3.2013

“Shamanism is not a faith, but a wisdom tradition in which we learn purely from our own individual, collective and personal experience. It is not a religion and is dogma-free; indeed it supports any existing spiritual practice one already has. Many of us deeply desire a connection to our own ‘soulfulness’ and that of all other living beings in a free and natural way. This is the essence of Shamanism.”

-John Cantwell Pathway of the Heart

The beautiful wisdom shared by our anam cara 'friends of the soul' John Cantwell and his wife Karen Ward, through their shamanic practice 'sli on chroi' (pathway of the heart) in Ireland is a gift to us all - I encourage you to explore their amazing and soul-filled shamanic work.

John and Karen have invited us to Ireland in 2014 where they will be host our work as we bring The Swan Blessing teachings to our Irish friends. I can't tell you how happy this makes me and how I am already dreaming in the return to my ancestral home.