Preparing for Black Moon Lilith

Fever Ray

Aleah - Water and Wine
Today I am preparing the Natal birthcharts for all of the women attending the Black Moon Lilith Workshop on Monday night. So beautiful and wild is our dark sister, Lilith, she has so much to teach us about the orphaned parts of ourselves. With every Black Moon Lilith workshop I hold I learn even more about my own shadow and how to welcome her home. In this week of deepest Winter we are also in the time of the Dark Moon, a perfect time for meditation and going within.

I have just recently discovered Aleah a songwriter from Sweden - there is so much incredible art coming from the Scandinavian worlds at the moment. As far as I can tell these are demo tracks as she has no album as yet. In 'Sacrifice' are the perfect Lilith lyrics: 'Shaken I rise from the ashes of myself. I am alive despite all the storms that have run by'. Warmest wishes for the phoenix rising from the ashes of yourself at this Dark Moon.