Alan Lee

Balance and Swan Sessions

Alan Lee from Merlin Dreams by Peter Dickinson

It seems that we will now be leaving Williamstown in the New Year and so we can offer these last balances for anyone who wishes to see us here in the west before we go. This week we are at the threshold of a doorway into the NEW. This potent portal will open this Wednesday on 12.12.12 and deepen at the Summer Solstice on 21.12.12. Between these energy points we are sharing these last sessions of the year beside the sea.

Last Sessions: 

Thursday and Friday 13th - 14th December Tues - Thurs 18th - 20th December
Evening appointments available Wed & Thurs

Balance Sessions: 1 hour ($100)

The Swan Blessing Past Life Healing Sessions: 1.5 hours ($160) Black Swan Tarot, Astrology and Healing Session: 1.5 hours ($160)

If you are feeling like you need some assistance at this time we urge you to embrace it - the transformative energy available to us now is immense,

Oceans of love for all that is unfolding, Julia & Tony

Fortune by Charles Allen Winter