Filling the Well at Bruno's Art and Sculpture Garden

Enchantment. That is a word and feeling that has fascinated me since I began making dolls. How do we breathe life into an inanimate object? How do we create feeling and emotion? Today I felt the need for some extra inspiration for doll making - it was time to fill the creative well. I had heard about Bruno's Art and Sculpture Garden for many years and this morning we drove up to the town of Marysville in the Victorian Alpine region (stopping to drink water from St Ronan's Well along the way) and oh were we rewarded. I have so many new ideas and dreams for dolls percolating after spending time talking with the sculptor Bruno Torfs and meeting his incredible creations. I hope these photos help to inspire your own creativity in some way and perhaps encourage you to make the visit to see them for yourself. Thanks for a great day Bruno!

You can see lots more photos from our visit to Bruno's Art and Sculpture Garden on our Facebook page.