Redwood Weavers - medicine dolls inspired by Spirit Weavers Gathering

REdwood medicine doll by Sacred Familiar After returning from Spirit Weavers Gathering I thought I would be having a rest but the medicine dolls have other ideas! After meeting sisters from different lands and cultures my hands and heart have been buzzing with energy that wanted to be made into dolls.

Here are the first of the Redwood Weavers, inspired by the sisters I met - the singers, herbalists, weavers, beaders...and also the plants of the redwood forest. Each dolls holds plant medicine from the forest and are woven with wool that was shared and touched by each sister in our medicine doll circles at the gathering. These three dolls have already been spoken for but I feel there is more of this community to come! I will post them on our medicine doll page as they birth.

trillium by Sacred Familiar

I fell in love with this plant called Trillium. I could feel how ancient and gentle it was and I was drawn to the incredible perfection of it's design. I later heard from women who live in the redwoods how it is one of the oldest indigenous plants and also endangered and it inspired me to create the Trillium Plant Protector medicine doll.

Trillium Silent Watcher medicine doll

I was gifted and traded so much beautiful local medicine including abalone shells found on the coast of Mendocino, pine resin, quartz crystals and selenite charged with love in the mountains. All of these will be going into the Redwood Weavers. Here is the latest, birthed just yesterday as I was listening to the Mariee Sioux singing Wild Eyes. We were serenaded by Mariee at the Spirit Weavers Gathering beside a wild fire and under the redwood giants. I have called her Thousand Pronged Antlers after this song and experience.

thousand pronged antlers