Autumn's Children - Inspiration for Medicine Dolls

amanita muscaria by Sacred Familiar Look who's back in the forest?! Beautiful amanita muscaria mushrooms are popping up everywhere at the moment. We were also blessed with a meeting with Pip an orphaned 7 week old swamp wallaby who is living with our friend Anne, a local wildlife carer. Isn't she beautiful? Her eyes are so dreamy and she has a gentle, inquisitive nature.

I'm also sharing a photo sent to me by our friend Carolyn, who is a local librarian - look at the little early morning reader she recently discovered - I love the expression on his face.

I always feel inspired in this season and it's been very productive. We've been very busy with custom orders for medicine dolls and we are so grateful for your interest and support. In just over 3 weeks I will be flying to California to share dollmaking at Spirit Weavers Gathering and I've been busy creating dolls to share with our Northern sisters.  I will share photos very soon of new dolls that will be available for to everyone this week. Wherever you are I hope you are getting to meet the local creatures and finding some time to smell the mushrooms too.


amanita by sacred familiar

mushroom path by Sacred Familiar

Pip the Wallaby

pip wallaby by sacred familiar

poss in books

baby sunflower

acorns sacred familiar