Autumn Equinox and the Homecoming

Equinox encaustic by Sacred Familiar Salmon medicineHello everyone and blessings on your Equinox New Moon Solar Eclipse! Potent times hey? The Equinox is the mid-point, the point of equal balance of darkness and light. Last week  I received a gift of medicine from Canada and medicine story of the 'homecoming salmon' that was included in our latest New MoonMedicine newsletter sent out to subscribers. I thought I would share this beautiful teaching here with you all.

This week I received a surprise medicine gift from a sister in Canada. I think of Lori as a 'woolSister' - I get a feeling she is teaching me from afar about the depth of this medicine. When I opened her package I found a hand-knitted spiral medicine pouch holding Lori's sacred offering - the salmon vertebrae of the remains of the homecoming of the wild salmon from Squamish River in Canada.

It led me to look at photos online of this river and the courageous salmon and I noticed a caption that read 'Autumn Salmon' and realised it was a term given to them because this is the time of the return. How perfect for us to be receiving this medicine as we make our own return to depths of the colder months of the year and the magic and change of Autumn Equinox.

Here are Lori's own beautiful words about the epic quest of the homecoming salmon:

"...I don't know if you've ever witnessed the homecoming of the wild salmon, but it is an awesome sight to behold. I've witnessed 3 or 4 such homecomings at different bodies of water in the lower mainland and it is ALWAYS breathtaking and heartbreaking all at once. When the salmon cross back over into the fresh water rivers from the salt water oceans their bodies begin to change - to breakdown - their skin changes colour, their physical features change, the jaw protrudes changing the look of their heads - their whole being changes - they begin to die. You can actually see the energy of determination and focus in their struggle and thrashing against the currents - you stand there, barracking for them to get home, while understanding that they are literally dying to get there.

"In the act of coming home, back to the source, there is transformation. Now THAT is some powerful medicine, my friend! The most powerful and beautiful teachings I have ever witnessed in the Animal Kingdom... I pass them on now, to you, with love and respect for you...and the Salmon."

If you would like to read the full Equinox MoonMedicine Newsletter you can click on this link and Subscribe if you would like it delivered to your inbox at the new moon each month. Have a beautiful weekend friends wherever you are on the Mother Earth.

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