Medicine Doll Workshop - Autumn Equinox and Animal Medicine

Stag Woman by Sacred Familiar Dollmaking circle March with Sacred Familiar

We invite you to join us in the magical Sherbrooke Forest at the Autumn Equinox to create a medicine doll that will become a bridge to help you to connect with your animal totems. Autumn Equinox is a sacred time of crossing the threshold into the deeper and quieter months of Autumn and Winter.  The changes experienced by Mother Earth and her seasons are mirrored in our bodies and spirits and listening to the messages from our totem animals can be very important to help us be aware of our own transformation and dreams. Together we will handcraft dolls from pure merino wool to carry plant medicines, wishes and intentions and the medicine of our spirit animals.

This is a deeper medicine doll circle where the focus will be on animal medicine and totems. To begin we will be tuning in and listening to 3 sacred animals here in Sherbrooke Forest: the Fox, Stag and Lyrebird. The doll will teach us how to receive messages from these and other creatures as we engage in the ancient and healing ritual of sacred adornment and symbol reading. We will weave ceremonial headpieces for our dolls and in particular Stag Horns to connect to the mythology of the 'StagWomen' - creation of stag horns and headdresses will be from both wool and branches found by us in nearby Sherbrooke Forest.

This may be the last circle I hold until Winter as I am travelling to America in May to teach about the magic of the doll at the Spirit Weavers Gathering in the Redwood forest. This circle is open to everyone including beginners but is particularly useful if you would like to develop your skills in medicine adornment. We will be creating antlers and forest crowns with branches and leaves found in the forest. We will also hold a seed blessing ceremony with the sacred acorn that will go into the belly of your doll and I will also be offering for the first time in a doll workshop the Faerie Rites passed to me from Ireland.

The medicine we will be working with is the Fox, Stag and Lyrebird and if you have any special medicines you would like to add please bring them along.

Autumn Equinox Dollmaking Circle -  21 March 2-15

Animal Medicine Totems and Medicine Doll Ceremony

12 - 5pm, Autumn Equinox Saturday 21st March 2015
Kumbada Studio, 6 Ridge Road, Kalorama VIC  (map)
Cost: $120 (includes all dollmaking materials)  limited places  Bookings

The medicine doll is an ancient being familiar and beloved to many cultures around the world. When we create a medicine doll we reconnect to the ancestral medicine of healing and enchantment – to weave life and love into creation. This act of creation is not something outside of us but a natural gift to birth and weave a bridge to the source, to the ancestors and to our own spirit – the dreamer within the dream. In our doll enchantment ceremony we will learn how to craft a medicine doll from felt and wool and plant medicines. In circle and ceremony we will call on the wisdom of our grandmothers and the ancestors who are midwifing the flow of beauty and healing through our hands and hearts. Your medicine doll will become a sacred vessel of your own intentions, dreams and wishes for yourself, your beloveds and for Mother Earth. And she will return home to live with you as a spirit sister and holder of the dreams and connections made in our sacred forest circle at the Autumn Equinox.

StagWoman Medicine doll by Sacred Familiar

StarTribes Medicine Doll by Sacred Familiar


medicine doll by Sacred Familiar