CrystalFox Medicine for the Koalas

10406397_10204451375897387_1556056761229181585_n 10801554_10204443695225375_1954216249369185342_n Hello! this is CrystalFox she is a medicine doll filled with ferns and carrying the medicine of Fox. She wears a large druzy quartz crystal found by our sister in the sacred land of the Northern Territory and she will be up for auction tomorrow night at the SolarSisters Market to raise money for the beautiful koalas at the Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter here in Victoria.

Summer is such a worrying time for the koala population with the threat of fires and also lots more cars on the roads moving through their lands and homes. The Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter is run by the amazing Colleen Woods, a leading koala expert who cares for orphaned and sick koalas until they are healed enough to return to the wild. She does all of this work without any government funding and works tirelessly as a guardian and protector of these sacred animals. Did you know that you can Sponsor a Koala in Colleen's care? It's just $40 for a year of sponsorship and we think that would make the most awesome Christmas present. We hope to see you tomorrow night with our SolarSisters - happy bidding for the koalas!

Koala is an powerful totem. Here's a link to Tony's animal message for Koala