Spring Medicine Dolls, Sacred Waters & Lyrebirds

Spring Equinox Blessings medicine doll by Sacred Familiar BeePollen medicine doll by Sacred Familiar

Here are some of the medicine dolls that have been birthing over the Spring Equinox - definitely a colourful tribe! Yesterday we travelled to the natural spring at Mt Donna Buang in Victoria to draw water for new essences. I took a doll with me into the trees beside the spring and asked for a blessing to travel with her to her new keeper. As I took her photo (you can see Fox behind her) a thick mist fell over the spring and lyrebirds began to call to each other. I am sure that one of these lyrebirds was calling in exactly the same spot the last time we visited. As I sat in the mist listening to him I thought about how ancient this species is and how they are regarded as the record keepers of the forest - a sonic library of sound. I recorded him singing and mimicking at least 10 different bird calls including kookaburra on our Instagram - here's a link to our page to hear his amazing repertoire.

Today I am thinking about this doll who I've called Blessing of the Spring and how she now carries a couple of notes of the Lyrebird's music in her being or was it the Lyrebird singing her into being?

Blessings of the Spring medicine doll by Sacred Familiar

Spring Mist at MT Donna Buang by Sacred Familiar

Spring Mist at MT Donna Buang by Sacred Familiar