Hello Spring - Fern Magic in Sherbrooke Forest

Blossoming fern Sherbrooke Forest by Sacred Familiar Hello Spring I feel more than ready for you! Are you feeling that way too? It's been a pretty deep and introspective Winter and I'm curious to see what's waiting to bloom. I've decided to dedicate myself to the craft of dollmaker in a committed way this spring - lots and lots of dolls in the dreamworlds waiting to have life breathed into them.

I've been thinking about the breath and how important that gift of life - oxygen - is to us. Yesterday we went for a long walk following Sassafras Creek and I could feel my lungs getting a good clean. I loved seeing all of the ferns ready to unfurl. The fern is such a plant emblem of Sherbrooke Forest and the Dandenongs and the more time I spend walking amongst them the more I become fascinated. So many different kinds.

In herb lore, ferns have long been associated with faerie magic and healing and also invisibility and protection. I notice that they help me to breathe deeply and have such a light etheric energy that I let go of stress easily around them. There is a point where the ferns begin on the road up to Mt Dandenong and I've watched people I'm travelling with visibly release a long breath out and relax as they drive through the fern veil. I also noticed how even though their presence is soft and etheric, their energy is strong and I had a lot of realisation and transformation take place walking and sitting with them.

Lately one of my latest obsessions is the formation created inside the Tree Fern, perhaps it is the lungs or heart of the fern itself. When the trunk is cut open we see what looks like some kind of shamanic totem or magic portal and of course it looks like the birthing portal. How amazing is Mother Earth and her divine designs?! Are they faerie doorways, do they grow at night large enough for us to pass through - what are they birthing? I don't think it's any coincidence that I am becoming aware of them at the same time I am dedicating myself more to dollmaking. These doorways are perfectly sized for the dolls to enter and exit. Curiouser and curiouser...

Commitment and breath - they are the 2 keys I am working with in the season of Spring. What new dream are you ready to commit to? What beliefs do you hold around that word commitment? It can be a heavy word if we think about all the ways we are over-committed or committed to situations that no longer serve us. A good way to feel the lightness and beauty of the words commitment and dedication are  to put the wishes of the inner child at the heart of your decision. What does the Child want to commit to?  I'd love to hear about THOSE dreams!

Fern in Sherbrooke Forest by Sacred Familiar Fern in Sherbrooke Forest by Sacred Familiar Fern in Sherbrooke Forest by Sacred Familiar