Mama&Cub Medicine Doll Spring Giveaway

Mama&Cub Sacred Familiar GIveaway We are having a giveaway of the Mama&Cub medicine doll to celebrate the blossoming of Spring over on Instagram. To have your own chance to win this Spring Mama and her fluffy cub carried in a fossilised cocoon all you have to do is follow @sacredfamiliar share and hashtag #sacredfamiliarmamadoll

Inside Cub is mountain ash resin and Mama has a medicine bundle in her belly holding orchids, hawthorn berries, forest moss, sequoia, mountain ash resin, wattle, rosemary, birch bark and oak. Her Springtime headdress is created from quail feathers, pine leaves, smokey quartz crystal and wild chamomile flowers gathered by Alice Savage in the little forest near her home in Italy. She holds a staff covered in forest lichen and moss and topped with a clear quartz point.

We will draw the winner at midday 2nd September - good luck everyone!

Mama&Cub medicine doll by Sacred Familiar

Mama&Cub medicine doll by Sacred Familiar

mama&cub medicine doll Sacred Familiar giveaway

Mama and cub medicine doll by sacred familiar