Medicine Doll Market and DeerHeart Giveaway

DeerHeart Medicine Doll by Sacred Familiar A couple of nights ago I had a dream about a dollmarket - not a market that sold dolls but one attended by them! When I woke up and remembered the dolls moving about on their own I realised it was time to send the collection of dolls that I've made over this winter in the forest to their new homes. I will hold a Medicine Doll Market Sale beginning at the New Moon this weekend here at our website. There will be special offers and discounts and I will offer some dolls that have never been available before, they've been like little overseers in my doll workshop who give me hints about what to create and particular plant medicine to choose.  It's time for them also to go to work with new weavers and creators.

One doll that was intended to be in the sale is DeerHeart, the doll you see above. She is a doll that is very close to my own heart and I feel like she embodies the spirit of Sherbrooke Forest. You can see some photos taken during her creation here. But I just couldn't price her or sell her - and so I have decided to do something better and give her away. We really appreciate everyone who has taken the time to subscribe and we will choose a subscriber randomly at the exact point of the New Moon this weekend - in Melbourne, Australia that will be 8.42am this sunday 27th July. I am so curious to see who will be her new keeper. Yesterday I heard from the woman who found the medicine doll we left in the snow at the spring at Mt Donna Buang 2 days ago, I was happy to find out that she creates her own jewellery. Blessings on your creations together Tsugumi!

Have a beautiful weekend everyone, tomorrow I will meet with my sister to being tracking the almost covered-over footsteps of our ancestors. I feel excited about us coming together to mend our family cloth and begin  searching for the missing threads.

Medicine Dollmarket at Sacred Familiar