Winter Solstice Dollmaking

Soul Mates doll workshop Dear friends,

we are gathering for the Winter Solstice Plant Medicine Dollmaking Circle to be held this Sunday at Tree of Life in Kew in Melbourne. Fox and I have been gathering medicine from 9 sacred trees here in Sherbrooke Forest we will collect the last of this medicine tonight.
The spirit of the tree will an important element of your doll because the tree may be telling you something about what is needed or perhaps an essence that is already within you and is asking to be acknowledged. I will have lots of different plant resins and treasures on the day but I also encourage you to bring any sacred items that you would like your doll to hold inside her. These can be messages written on paper, items of jewellery, hair from a beloved creature... I will leave it up to you. you may also bring plant medicine that you love and hold sacred.
The best advice when creating is to play like a child. Let the doll show you who she is. Let the doll birth herself through your hands. The ancient art of doll enchantment and medicine doll creation is something that is sacred and familiar to us all. We have the collective memory of this healing artisan craft in our spirit along with DNA memory of the experiences of our Grandmothers and their craftmaking and we also have past life memory of working with this & similar medicine in other lifetimes. And so because of this, I would say to you to that there is no need to fear that you are not 'creative enough' - there is no such thing. Your doll will be an expression of yourself and when you see her, you will fall in love with her. The medicine doll helps us to love ourselves as a dear friend, the doll becomes our friend and we become hers. Her story is our story and we begin to love our whole story rather than the chapters that we deem as good. We start to lose the belief in imperfection and understand that there are no mistakes.
In this workshop we will also be writing the Medicine Doll Story - this is a story of her creation as you birth her spirit into a physical being and also the story of the medicine that she is ready to gift and hold for you. These messages and stories can be very healing and profound. You do not need to have any kind of writing experience, nor any dollmaking experience we are simply gathering together to REMEMBER.
Blessings in your dreamweaving and I look forward to meeting you and your medicine dolls tomorrow. This is one of the few times I will be teaching this year so if you wish to join us tomorrow get in touch and I will make a space for you.
Love, Julia