Weavers are you Ready?

Spider Woman by Susan Seddon Boulet
Goddess Knowledge Cards

Grandmother Spider,
weave your gossamer threads
around this spinning planet.
Reconnect us to
the web of life,
to our place in the cosmos.
Remind us of our interdependence
on the earth
and its ever living
and non-living thing.
Let one perfect dewdrop fall
to coat the morning.

Weave your web
artfully through our hearts,
so that we become caught up
in earth's beauty
and wish to do nothing
to mar its perfection.

Raven is casting a black eye
upon the clouds and cacophony
of war.
Mother Earth is weeping
at our lack of unity.
But wait!
Coyote is singing you
his weaving song.
Come! Quickly!
wrap us in silken threads
of planetary

It is now at the exact point of the New Moon on this New Year's Day and I am praying for Peace. For many of us 2013 was a year of diving into the depths of shadow to shed years and lifetimes of painful conditioning. If this has been your way over the last 18 months - well done. We are more than ready now to become the Weavers, to be committed to purpose and find ways to be active in service to the Earth and her Children.
Some are calling this New Moon a Super Moon and yes, I feel it's strong Mars ruled charge. I choose to use this charge as a positive - the way of the Peaceful Warrior. Together we can weave so much more beauty in the world when are coming from a place of peace within ourselves. And so that is my wish for you also, that you can find the peace within so that you can be an active channel for change and growth out in the world. 
The story of Spider Woman - the Navajo Weaving Creation Goddess came to me tonight and I began to think about the strong rainbow movement of weavers and crafters in the world. Tonight I would like to honour the Aboriginal weavers of Australia, my heart fills to see the reclaiming of this ancestral medicine again. My wish is that in 2014 the Indigenous and Aboriginal people of all lands receive the respect and honour they are due and that all of us can bring our skills and medicine into one weaving that sees all of our communities rise up. 
And so we begin...