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Welcome to Country Ceremony in Belgrave
Wurundjeri Elder and Educator Uncle Bill Nicholson and family

Yesterday Tony and I attended the Survival Day gathering in Belgrave to celebrate the survival and spirit of Aboriginal people and culture. Thank you to Wurundjeri elder, Uncle Bill Nicholson and his family for welcoming us to Country. And thank you to artist, Safina Stewart, for 'Heaven Came Down' and for taking the time to share your stories with us. 

The Wurundjeri via

The land that Belgrave Survival Day falls upon is part of the Wurundjeri nation that lived here for tens of thousands of years before the colonial settlers re-named the area Belgrave in the late 19th century.
The Wurundjeri country covered a huge expanse of what is now metropolitan Melbourne: from the inner city to the Werribee river; south east as far as Mordialloc creek and over to Healesville. The Wurundjeri nation spoke Woi-wurrung language and were part of the wider Kulin nation comprising five language groups.  Two social totems governed Wurundjeri: the Crow (in Woi-wurrung Waang) and Bundjil the Eagle Hawk.
Many Aboriginal nations were named after specific geographical features of their land. The wordWurundjeri is derived from the Woi wurrung word Wurun referring to the river white gum (Eucalyptus viminalis) and Jeri is the grub that resides within that specific (ribbon gum) tree.
The Wurundjeri clan that inhabited the Melbourne area would often spend the summer months upon the banks of the Yarra and its tributaries. In winter, they would often head to the Dandenong Ranges (known as Banyenong) to make use of its timber for firewood and shelter. Wurundjeri divided their year into seven seasons rather than the familiar four. The arrival of a new season was based on the onset of a natural event such as the blooming of wattle or the first appearance of the blue wren.
For more information about the Wurundjeri nation, please contact:
Koorie Heritage Trust at 295 King St, City on (03) 8622 2600 or

Wurundjeri Tribe Land Compensation Cultural Heritage       
 E:  P: (03) 9416 2905 

Heaven Came Down by Safina Stewart
of Maulag Island, Torres Strait and Wuthathi Country, QLD
'Bunjil, the wedge tail eagle, 

represents the One who formed and gave life to all creation'