we are birthing ourselves every day

Even though the waves of change can be frightening and earth-shattering I am grateful for the wisdom that is coming from leaving the prison of my old way of thinking. One of the rooms of that prison was created from feeling a victim to the wounds of my childhood. I no longer see the need to heal myself or anyone else, instead I see only the need for acceptance of everything that is. I am embracing the challenges and trials of the past as my training for this life, my apprenticeship to the mysteries of this incarnation. When I could finally do this, really do this deep integration of the past without judgement I began to understand so much about my own behaviour and the relationships I have to my own spirit and those around me.
I love the deep cracking open that this season of eclipse has created and I have seen and heard such beauty from my sisters and brothers in their own work and communications. I was particularly moved by a post written by a dear sister, Talulah Gough on her site Making Sacred this week called 'Living with Our Sacred Wound'. Talulah is a doula, childbirth educator and Shamanic Merwife and this year Talulah has been teaching me about the importance of knowing our personal birth stories. In this recent post she shares her own birth story with beauty and courage. I felt so much shifting within my own spirit as I read her words. I hope that in the reading of Talulah's story, you find the inspiration to honour your sacred wound and welcome home all chapters of your own mythic story.
Talulah and her daugher