heart of a Fox

The honourable Fox has been demonised for too long. I loved watching this true story of the Fox tonight, true because it tells of the honest spirit of the fox and the depth of feeling between this beautiful old man and his Fox companion. And yes I thought of my dear friend, Australian artist Vali Myers and how she would have loved this too.

Vali told me once: 'I like dogs and cats but a fox... a fox is like my own spirit'.

Foxy, the orphaned vixen who was brought to Vali after her mother had been killed, became Vali's deepest love. Vali called Foxy her 'daughter'. The last time I visited Vali's home in Positano, Italy it was after Vali's death and I returned with some of Vali's ashes to give to Gianni Menichetti, Vali's companion and friend who cared for her animals and home. Gianni, Tony and I sat up on Vali's tiny bed built up high in the roof of her domed stone home and Gianni spoke beautifully about Vali before placing her ashes into a small wooden box that contained the remains of Foxy. And in that moment I felt a sense of calm and release. Like someone or thing had exhaled and relaxed.

'Now mother and daughter are reunited', Gianni said.

Such love, such spirit. Are we really so crazy to discount the meaningful relationships between human and animal? As I write this, my own familiar, Rory sleeps beside me. He will stay up as late as I do and I am an Owl. He is almost 18 years of age now and yet he still will wait for me to finish so that we always go to bed together.

Give the animals in your home and life an extra kiss and squeeze tonight. Our familiars, our children, our teachers. Wise beings of fin or feather or fur. We are the lucky ones they have chosen to share their whole lives with.

Vali and Foxy by Rudi Rappold
Self portrait with Foxy taken by Vali with a polaroid