gift at the Spring

Photo: We have just left this Bilby Spirit Doll at the sacred Spring in Mt Donna Buang if you find her let us know she is yours
Bilby 'shapeshifter' spirit doll waiting for her new friend at the Spring

Today Tony, Rory and I went to draw from the Spring on top of Mt Donna Buang in Warburton, Victoria. If you live close to this beautiful mountain I urge you to drink from this Spring - especially if you are in need of healing. It is the clearest and purest source of water in Victoria. It is absolutely the most beautiful water we have ever tasted and worked with in ceremony. We travel every 3 weeks to this source to draw for our needs and give thanks.

In the last 3 months I have been leaving a spirit doll as a gift each time we visit the Spring and I leave a little note with the doll to tell whoever finds her that she is a gift to them for visiting this magic place. It is one of my favourite things to do and I have noticed that almost all of the dolls have been found by men. I thought about this and it struck me that it is usually the men of the family who travel to the Spring because they are the strongest and they collect water for their family and friends. All of the men found the dolls because they had thought they were rubbish and like to clean around the Spring when they visit. 
How perfect that these brothers, the guardians of the Spring are receiving this gift for caring for the Spring and caring for their families. Today I left behind this 'Bilby shapeshifter' medicine doll carrying White Lotus in her tummy. She was made on the night I returned from the Spring 3 weeks ago and helped me to release what I no longer needed over the time of Eclipse. She is now waiting at the top of Mt Donna Buang as a gift to the next visitor to the Spring. I am looking forward to hearing from her new companion.

Water is free. It is a gift from our precious Mother Earth. Drink from the source and thank the Ancestors x

I took this photo after we sat and thanked the Ancestors on our first visit to the Spring
Home of the sacred Spring