Ancestral Medicine Ceremony - Healing Hiraeth

Healing Hiraeth - Soul Call of the Ancestors
Ceremony of Apology, Acknowledgement & Gratitude
Asking permission to bring our Medicine to Australia
Clearing Bindings of the Past from our Medicine & Earth
Mending the Dream Pathways to Ancestral Wisdom
Singing Home the Spirits of our Displaced Ancestors
Releasing Past Beliefs, Vows and Sacred Oaths Binding Ancestral Wisdom

Ancestral Medicine Ceremony
Friday, 1st November 7.30-9.30pm $25

Swan Blessing is a gentle shamanic release of Past Beliefs, Vows, Oaths and Sacred Contracts. By clearing the ties that bind, we begin to create new pathways to speak to the magical Dreamer within and in doing so reclaim our birthright gifts as natural healers, artisans and medicine people.

Many of the Vows that we still carry are of European origin from Ancestral homelands and not only do they cause us harm and pain but they are also not in harmony with the spirit of Australia.

Some of these bindings include:
The vow of chastity
The vow of obedience
The vow of silence
The vow of poverty
The healer's oath
The warrior's oath

At the recent medicine circle held at the site of the Magdalene Laundries at Abbotsford Convent a potent healing was felt and offered to the ancestors of the Land and to the women and children whose spirits were still bound to the memory of the Laundries. Tony and I have felt a calling to hold a similar collective healing for the spirits of the land that is now our home. This medicine circle and ceremony is open to men and women who feel called to help to heal the past by offering apology, acknowledgement, forgiveness and gratitude.

This will be a ceremony of release from shame and bindings of past beliefs, vows and sacred oaths upon Ancestral Medicine. We will also work to release bindings of European laws and rules that are not in harmony with Australia. In seeking forgiveness for the past from the ancient spirits of the land, we are not trying to wipe away the past but creating a sense of greater harmony to offer our ancestral medicine to this beloved land and her people.

The focus of this workshop will be to open to your own Ancestral Medicine pathways and reclaim our birthright gifts of wisdom and intuition. In clearing our own binding in joy we can also open up shamanic dreaming pathways to spirit and in doing so send love and healing to the spirits of the land. In healing our path, so we mend and tend the histories of our ancestors and futures of children.

In the rise of the Divine Feminine there is no longer a split between the Sacred and the Mundane - when we create with intention and love, all becomes Sacred.