Bird Medicine Dolls

Rainbow Lorikeet Medicine Doll
She carries an Acorn in her belly like a rattle
birthing and living in full colour
In the last week since Equinox I have been working on a new series of medicine dolls carrying beautiful bird medicine. I recently received a gift of precious feathers found by a sister in her travels and it has been a fascinating week journeying with the medicine of each bird. 
I will be holding 2 medicine doll creation circles in the next month: 
Queensland - 12th October at Mt Tamborine - creating a doll to act as a 'bridge' for our ancestral medicine. 
Victoria - 18th October in Sherbrooke Forest - creating the enchanted spirit doll.
You can see full details on our event page.

Owl Medicine Doll
made at midnight on Full Moon
Ancestral Wisdom Keeper

Crow Medicine Doll
the Forest Witch
shapeshifting and moon magic

Rosella Medicine Doll
custom doll for creating flow to move through grief
return of the Rainbow

Guinea Fowl Medicine Doll
Smudging Doll - She who holds sacred space
for protection and feeling safe