Frog Medicine

Tippi Degri

Last night I received messages on how we can help the healing to flow when we hold our Spring collective Swan Blessing ritual at the site of the Magdalene Laundries. This message came through the element of Water, so beloved to me and through the voice of Frog who sings from the creek at dusk near our home every night. Ever since I was a child I have adored frogs. They were one of the animals that called us to live in the forest again.

Beautiful Frog, creature of the threshold of land and water, sacred voice and cleansing song - thank you! I am yet to see the dear frog who calls every night but I will keep looking. This is how my heart feels today, I hope this beautiful image of Tippi and her toad fills your heart with all you need to keep birthing your own dreams from the watery edge of the Well of Memory.