Changing Woman Project by Patricia Ariel

Patricia Ariel is an artist close to our hearts. She is a dear sister to us and is the creator of the Swan and Her Lady illustration you see in our emblem for Swan Blessing. For me, Patricia is someone who can draw and paint visions that speak straight to my heart, images that are in my dreams but hard to describe. Over the years I have loved seeing her create the mysterious visions that I have been feeling - almost simultaneously - and this is why so much of her art graces the room we hold Swan Blessing in - I believe art helps us to open immediately to the mystery and to the dreaming within.

Patricia inspires me so much, she recently conceived the Changing Woman project to raise awareness about women's issues and rights through the expression of art. Here she is talking about the project and her dreams for it - I love to hear her beautiful voice and I hope she inspires you to become a part of this wonderful project. 
You will see so many stunning artworks on the Changing Woman site and here are a just a few to wet your appetite. Go Patricia!

Reveal by Patricia Ariel