Animal Guardians - Midwifing Death

Tess guarding the Mystery and her Love 
When I attended Leslene della-Madre's workshop Mothering the Dying last weekend, I was not even sure at first, why I was there. But ever since I am understanding that this sacred work is very precious and in an ancient way, already known to me. This week I was contacted by two of my closest friends who are both in the last stages of midwifing the deaths of their fathers. Neither of them had known I was attending this workshop. And so it was such a gift to be able to pass this deep wisdom of sacred passage back into the arms of the Ancient Mother - for it to be of practical and real use by families that needed it urgently.
Today I received these love-filled photos of my best friend's father Ron being guarded over in palliative care by his beloved companion, Tess. Look how she regal she is in her presence - how much she KNOWS. Paulii's parents have devoted much of their lives to being animal carers and for anyone who does this noble and courageous work, you will know how much that love it doubly returned. Thank you Paulii for sharing these beautiful moments of Wisdom in the Mystery. I am grateful that hospitals are also waking to the wisdom held by our animal guardians and respect for the bonds we share with them. Wise creatures.
Love to you and your families Paulii and Christopher for the sacred journeys you are on and to the animal companions guarding us all.